Why You Should Use The Wonderful Program of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the best forms of communications for individuals who are currently confined in correctional facilities and their visitors. It’s highly recommended for both inmates and their visitors to utilize is as their form of communication because it is convenient and offers flexibility of appointment scheduling. There is a vast array of reasons why Securus Technologies is a preferred choice of communications, and here we will list a few.


Securus Technologies is offering visitors with a form of convenience in which they’re not required to physically visit a correctional facility when wanting to speak to an inmate. Instead, they can simply utilize the Securus Technologies videoconferencing platform and contact the inmate from the comfort of their very own home.


Securus Technologies is providing law enforcement officials with a benefit that wasn’t necessarily ever available to them before. They can monitor the video-conference sessions that occur between inmates and their visitors to potentially use them for investigative proceedings if criminal matters are spoken about.

This is why individuals are encourage to stay away from matters of crime, as they can hinder one’s good standing. This is particularly true if one of the parties who speaks about criminal matters is a visitor. If criminal matters are being discussed by an inmate, not only could the inmate’s time in confinement increase, but the visitor(s) could also be punishable under law. Securus Technologies is essentially a program that allows people to use it for their own beneficial purposes while simultaneously keeping things in order, as law enforcement officials have access to the conversation sessions. You may find it to be a program that is extremely beneficial, as it enables you to keep in touch with a friend, colleague, significant other, relative, or co-worker. Be sure to speak to a customer service representative to begin using this terrifically designed program today!


Securus Technologies Revives Record Amount Of Cold Cases

Many of us have heard the term cold case. Cold cases are law enforcement investigations that have gone nowhere. Cold cases are incredibly sad because it seems that the criminal will get away with the crime. But all it takes to revive a cold case is a small piece of information. Often times that small piece of information leads to a search warrant or an arrest in order to close the case. Without that small piece of information, the case would have died.


There are a lot of small pieces of information coming out of the new software innovation from Securus Technologies. The telecommunications company provides telephone services to jails. Anybody incarcerated inside the jail must use the telephone services of Securus Technologies to communicate with the outside world. This is where the bottleneck takes place. Securus Technologies makes sure to record every single phone call in order to give law enforcement bits of information about criminal activities.


Searching for those bits of information within millions of minutes of telephone calls may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. This search would be impossible if it were not for the technological innovations of Securus Technologies.


The telecommunications company provides software that allows law enforcement to instantly search this massive amount of digital information. They can search for certain terms or for a particular suspect’s voice. And there is no better information about criminal activity than from the criminal himself.


This software has allowed the continued investigation of cold cases. Some cases just need probable cause for a search warrant, and they get that probable cause through filtering these recorded telephone calls. Some crimes are even prevented with the information contained in these telephone calls. And all of this law enforcement and crime prevention would not be possible without Securus Technologies.