Cancer Treatment Centers of America Patient Focus and Latest Technology

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is teaming up with NantHealth and Allscripts in forming a technical solution. This includes enabling NantHealth enviti decision support and Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) access in workflows. These integrations assist with the Clinical Pathways program and the cancer treatment process across the country with oncologists.

CTCA Southeastern Regional Medical Center Chief Medical Officer said this helps to eliminate any guesswork in their Clinical Pathways program. He said they created an ecosystem of treatment options customized for patients to choose that are safe and well-organized.

This partnership allows Cancer Treatment Centers of America have customized treatment regimens for patients with their disease progression and health. One step computer entry and treatment regimens recommended with eviti mapped with EHR to CTCA as an integrated way to approach care. This also allows access to guidelines kept up-to-date of response rates, drug reactions, and toxicity. The other thing partnering is the integrated solution that with eviti Allscripts Sunrise EHR for Clinical Pathways doctors can retrieve information from an “unbiased” Evidence-Based Medical Library. This is a library with over 2,700 evidence-based treatment regimens for all cancers, modalities, and subtypes compiled from peer-reviewed literature.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 and focuses on tailoring personalized cancer treatments for the patient’s needs. This includes genomic testing and scientific advances to give individuals as many treatment options as possible. Their approach is that no two patients are alike and therefore treatment should be based on what fits the individual patient.

The treatment at CTCA has five hospitals in the U.S. in major metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa. They use the latest technology to not only treat the type of cancer an individual has, but also the side effects of the disease and treatment like fatigue, nausea, and pain.

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Paul Mampilly- Sharing Knowledge From Years Of Experience

     An American investor and business man, Paul Mampilly has been influencing the business world for quite some time. With a career that has lasted more than twenty five years, Mampilly continues to look for ways to improve the field he works in. He has a unique openminded approach that has led to much of his success. Recently Mampilly sat down with ideamensch to share insight into what drives him and what has helped him be so successful.

Motivation can sometimes come from interesting places. Paul Mampilly discusses where the idea for his startup came from. After spending years working on Wall Street, he decided it was time for a change. He had a desire to impact and help more than just the top 1% of people. He would create a newsletter called Profits Unlimited to share information with people that otherwise would probably not have such information. The transition took sometime but the Mampilly is now thriving and very happy.

Mampilly has simple but effective strategies that have allowed him to have a successful career. A typical day for him includes rising between 5 a.m. to 6 a.m to review the news and markets. He keeps a close eye on the stock market, watching it through the day and staying informed. Before bringing an idea into existence he uses hours of research with his team. Stock selections and recommendations are usually preceded by 30 to 60 hours of research. Routine is important to Mampilly and he believes it is one the keys to his success.

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager that has achieved great success. He has been recognized by being the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. Throughout his career he has been featured by major companies including Fox Business News and CNBC. He has taken advantage of the popular subscription model with his current project Profits Unlimited. The newsletter provides a wealth of knowldedge from Mampilly’s many years on Wall Street. More than 60,000 subscribers are currently getting access to his knowledge. Mampilly is supposed to be retired, but his passion and drive to help others probably serves as evidence he will be working for quite some time to come.

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Money Market Fund: Ensuring A Smooth Flow of Money

In a world marked by free market and politics of international economic relation, money market funds play a pivotal role in maintaining a smooth flow of money in the market. Money market fund is one of the types of money market mutual fund. Money market fund is an ancillary part of the overall Securities department, and supplies money for meeting immediate debt securities. Money market funds invest in areas like US Treasury bills and marketable paper. In the US market, money market fund is considered a reliable option like banks and it is thought to provide safe services. Like in every country, money market funds in the US are also institutionalized and are regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission, which draws its legitimacy from the Investment Company Act of 1940. The chief purpose of a money market fund is to ensure liquidity in the market in order to keep the market run smoothly.


In the United States, there are several kinds of money market funds. These different hues of funds are generally categorized into Prime money fund, Treasury money fund, Tax-exempt money fund, institutional money fund, and retail money fund. These money market funds become more important in times of an economic meltdown such as the US financial crisis in 2008. In the times of financial crisis, the market runs out of money, and in these crises, money market funds release commercial papers in order to liquidate the market. In this way, these funds provide debt security in the market.


A widely known name in the financial sector of the U.S. is Bruce Bent II. He is an exceptionally successful businessman and investor. His father was the founder of the first monet market fund, so Bent II fully understands zero risk and the financial world. Growing up he learned a lot from his father. Eventually he went to Northeastern University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree.


Bruce Bent has a rich and successful career in financial management. He currently works for Double Rock Corporation where he is the Vice Chairman of the board and the president. His innovating and creative cash-related solutions has help many financial companies.

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Database Management through the Cloud with NuoDB

NuoDB offers database management through a cloud system. It operates under SQL in both new and transactional ways. It uses traditional SQL while adding features that provides support for cloud storage purposes. Just as with a relational cloud database, NuoDB allows applications and other programs to communicate with it in a way that scales out support processing. It differs from traditional databases in a few ways, including the fact that it has a structure made of three tiers: administrative, storage, and transactional. This tier process avoids close coupling of application data, which means it does not restrict the disc drive in a cumbersome way.


The SQL database elements belonging to NuoDB are referred to as atoms that are built on a durable distributed cache that employee in-memory caches for the sake of making the cloud more elastic. At the same time, this process makes sure that data objects can be saved correctly and maintained efficiently. NuoDB also works on a currency control that works to detect deadlocks in data for the sake of making conflicts easier to resolve. Elements within NuoDB can be oriented both by object and message. As NuoDB’s website states, this cloud storage mechanism sets the pace for the customers within a given market instead of the market being the driving force at hand.

The Amazing Collections Of Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian brand of lingerie and they have launched an ecommerce site. They are planning on taking their portfolio in the United Kingdom from three current stores to forty by the close of 2018.

Eloise Monaghan founded the brand in 2006. After launching  the site in the United States, there was an increase of online sales in the United States of 374 percent in twelve months. The company is offering an extended range of products, easier returns, free delivery for orders totaling $50.00 and faster delivery.

Honey Birdette has new stores in Westfield White City, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and London’s Covent Garden. There are an additional ten more openings planned for the United Kingdom. There are currently 55 stores.

Honey Birdette started in 2006 between two friends. They wanted to put sensuality back into the bedroom. This included high end toys and detailed lingerie. Their boutiques are sensual, playful and include champagne and lush decor. They sell beautiful but naughty merchandise in their Pleasure Parlour. These are designed to send people to the edge and beyond. Their boudoir experience includes phenomenal accessories such as collars, harnesses, cuffs and leather crops.

Honey Birdette is an amazing experience. They not only entertain women but they empower them as well. They have absolutely no fear of razzle dazzle or a little bit of showbiz. They have brought back the playfulness that so many brands of fashion are lacking. Their new collection is nothing short of thrilling. The ranges start with sweet, soft accents and delicate laces to textures that are hot and heavy with Honey Birdettes S&M collection. Honey Birdette is led by the creator and founder of the company, Eloise Monaghan. All of the merchandise including the luxury collection of toys is designed at the headquarters of Honey Birdette.

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The Education and Career Background of Cassio Audi

The Brazilian economy is at amongst its most challenging times. Due to increase inflation, natives are finding it hard to invest in their home country, while it is becoming even harder to get foreign investors to put their money in the country. For this reason, the investment management industry has become crucial is Brazil is to be restored to its former glory. One of the leading professionals in this industry is Cassio Audi.
Cassio Audi is a highly-accomplished financial expert with over two decades of experience in this industry. He is currently the Chief financial Officer of Península Participações. Península Participações is a leading Sao Paulo based company.
Cassio Audi excels in providing financial expertise to startups, private equity funds, private and public companies, regardless of the size if these companies. He has a proven track record of streamlining businesses so that they start making profits. His past work and experience has gotten him to where he is today.
Audi is a graduate of the Sao Paulo based Pontifical Catholic University. He attended the University since the year 1989 to the year 1994, acquiring his bachelor’s degree in business administration. This immediately landed him a job but he knew he had to further his studies if he wanted to stand out in his industry. Therefore, in the year 1999 he joined the Universidade de Sao Paulo and graduated in the year 2000 with a master’s degree in Business Administration, Finance Option.
Having such a great education background has made him easily pave his way in the industry. However, it is the experience that has made stand out from fellow professionals. He has worked with big league brands including Rossi, GVMI, and Brookfield Brasil.

Solving Poverty Through Business

There are many people who live in poverty around the world and want to get out. Many organizations only look at ways that they can get short term financing help to people around the world. However, there are many more issues that people want to look at in order to make a difference. One of the best ways to get people out of poverty is to try and get them to start their own business. This may seem strange, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this is working in various areas around the world. Not only that, but you can start to see how people are going to make a positive impact in their life and career through taking on this strategy.


When it comes to starting a company, few people in poor nations have the capital to do so. That is why companies like Avaaz are developing plans to help them. For a small investment, people around the world can invest in people who are starting up companies and are trying to make a difference in the world. This is a great way to get involved at a small level and make a difference for others. Now is a great time to try and figure out how to help others succeed. Not only that, but you can start to see how this could increase the confidence of people who are starting up their own business for the first time. If you want to change the world through your work, Avaaz is a great way to go.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Avaaz is a company that a lot of people are looking forward to working with. Not only that, but this is a company that a lot of people are excited about for a number of reasons.

The Greyhound Experience of Doug Levitt: A Journey of Introspection

Doug Levitt is an American singer and songwriter who has become popularized as a result of his successful release: The Greyhound Diaries; this project incorporates the travels and stipulation of Levitt’s journey, as he travels over 100,000 miles via bus, meeting a variety of different people from various areas. Levitt made the bold decision to pack up and explore the United States, traveling for over seven years by switching buses. Through these travels, a 2007 EP, book and website are presented; this media content displays a comprehensive landscape that explored by Levitt, as he learned that we are able to share commonalities between people, even though there is a geological gap.

Levitt encourages those viewing his content to be open-minded and allow them to become immersed within other regions, and realize the inherent beauty in individuality and understand that common ideas can be found across groups of people. The Greyhound Diaries is a beautiful display of culture and philosophy. This collection of stories and songs, accompanied by pictures, presents the diverse group of people that travel primarily by bus; traveling by bus is one of the most economical ways to travel. The people that use this method of transportation generally do not travel by this means unless it is absolutely essential. Traveling has always been a subject of wonder, and hopefully when you view The Greyhound Stories, you will learn a valuable lesson on the importance of respect towards those of different backgrounds. Everyone has a subjective reality in which they interpret the world and experience its wonders and mysteries. Doug Levitt went on this journey to learn about himself, the world around him, and how individuals of different backgrounds may share common experiences with you, even if they are of a separate class, race, or gender.