Learning With ClassDojo

As a parent, what if you can connect with your child’s teacher during the day, wouldn’t that be great? Many concerned parents are longing for a time when they can know exactly what their children are doing during the day at school. Parents will be happy to know that there is a way to connect with teachers and learn what their child is doing. There is a mobile application called ClassDojo that allows for parents to communicate with their children’s teachers on a daily basis to learn how their child is doing academically. In the past, parents could only talk in depth with their child’s teachers during the annual parent-teacher conference, but not anymore. ClassDojo is creating a positive culture between students, parents, and classrooms.  Read more on en.wikipedia.org


The communication platform, ClassDojo recently raised $21 million for the purpose of improving the application and giving more abilities to teachers, parents, and students. ClassDojo is creating a community of engaged parents and teachers, who are working together to help a student succeed academically. The application also allows students to participate as well. Students can add their work onto their profile, giving their parents the ability to see how they are doing. Parents can choose to communicate with the teacher as often as they would like to. ClassDojo works on any device and it the application can be translated to several languages.


Have a peek on the App’s instagram.com page.


ClassDojo provides access to students that parents never had during school hours. They can literally know what their child is doing with one tap. This application is creating positive, fulfilling relationships between parent and teacher. With ClassDojo, parents and teachers are partners, working hard to make sure the student is successful. The App has vowed to always be free for teachers. ClassDojo gives students the ability to enjoy their work and have a positive learning experience with their teacher.

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