Sheldon Lavin’s Contribution to the Success of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the leading food processing companies in the world, operating across the globe in sixteen countries. The company manufactures custom meat, pork, and seafood products for their esteemed customers. Sheldon Lavin serves the company as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. Learn More Here .

Global Visionary Award Received by Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award in 2016 from India’s Vision World Academy. This award recognizes visionaries across various fields for accomplishing their goals by demonstrating persistence and perseverance. Vision World Academy uses the award to acknowledge achievers and give inspiration to the future generation. Mr. Lavin has managed to transform OSI Group from a domestic food company to a multi-billion dollar food company. Currently, the company is found in more than sixty locations strategically placed in sixteen countries.

OSI Group Awards Since Sheldon Lavin Became the CEO

From the time Sheldon Lavin became the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, the company has received numerous prestigious awards. For example, in 2016 OSI Group was listed as the 58th largest private company with a net worth of 6.1 billion dollars by Forbes List. The firm was also classified among the top 100 American companies. In addition, OSI Industries has received the Globe of Honour and Sword of Honour Awards from the British Safety Council. Both awards are given to food companies that maintain excellence in managing their safety and health risks during operations.

Independent Processor Recap on Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin’s career in the meat industry can be compared to the saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ When Lavin entered the meat industry, he was an outsider with a successful career in the banking sector. Sheldon managed to transform the small burger enterprise into a leading worldwide food products supplier. Currently, OSI has approximately twenty thousand employees. Mr. Lavin takes pride in his employees and his company’s corporate culture. Contact With Mr. Lavin .

OSI offers its employees attractive benefits packages which contribute to low staff turnover. Sheldon Lavin is an 81-year-old energetic Chief Executive Officer who focuses most of his operations in Europe and Asia. Lavin also participates and contributes to various charities such as the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Jewish United Fund. for more .