Jose Auriemo Neto is transforming the Brazilian real estate industry with innovation at JHSF

The Brazilian real estate industry is rapidly growing. New high-income real estate projects are started every year in various Brazilian cities. The industry pumps billions of R$ into the economy yearly. JHSF Participacoes is the top firm in the development and management of high-income real estate industry. JHSF has made enormous investments in commercial and residential high-income property in Brazil, Uruguay, and the U.S. The company has a large number of shopping centers, executive airports, restaurants, high-income residential developments, and upscale hotels to its name.

The Auriemo brothers, Jose and Fabio, founded JHSF in the early 70s. It has grown phenomenally, and today it is a large company, with a presence in the United States and Uruguay. Most of its high-income real estate projects are found in Sao-Paulo where it started. The company has projects in Salvador, Manaus, New York, and Punta Del Este. The Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, Santa Cruz shopping mall, and the shopping Bela Vista Mall are some of its notable projects.

JHSF is a publicly trading company that is highly rated at the Bovespa Nov Mercado. The company was worth more than R$ 3 billion by the end of 2014. At speed the company is growing this net worth, could double by the year 2030. The company conducts its activities through five conglomerate business units. They include the JHSF shopping malls, JHSF retail and properties, Hotels JHSF, and JHSF incorporation. Jose Auriemo Neto heads the firm as its executive chairman.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto, the CEO of JHSF, is one of Brazil’s finest Executives. He also doubles as the company’s executive chairman to the board of members. Though he comes from a business family, Jose Auriemo has achieved much as an individual. At only 44 years of age, he has pioneered several of the company’s mega projects. Jose is the force behind the development of the Catarina executive airport and several of JHSF’s top notch shopping malls. Click here to know more.

Jose Auriemo Joined JHSF in the year 1993 after working for several years at YPO. His first successful project at JHSF was the creation of Parkbern, a parking lot management system. He then successfully oversaw the design and construction of Santa Cruz, one of JHSF’s iconic shopping malls. Jose Auriemo studied engineering at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo. He also holds a BA (FASE) certification.

All About Jason Halpern

JMH is an investment firm company that invests in properties all across the US. These properties include both residential and commercial entities in popular places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach just to name a few places. JMH manages everything from construction oversight to the branding and marketing of the properties they invest in.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

The company was founded by principal Jason Halpern who currently owns about $500 million in real estate investments in New York state alone. This includes a recent start-up project that will include 340 luxury apartments on 184 Kent. The building used to be an old warehouse, but JMH is buying the property and transforming them into luxury apartments. Halpern was principal of JMH until April of 2014. Even after Halper’s departure, JMH has continued to have great success selling many noteworthy properties including Aloft South Beach Hotel that he sold in September 2016 for $105 million and a Miami surf-side condo building that also sold for $55 million in November of 2015.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Halpern has since moved on to now work as the Director at Parametric Dining, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company is a mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices that allow users to look through food and beverage options at local restaurants. The app also lets people place orders through the program in real time. The company designs custom interfaces for various restaurants to meet their personalized needs and adds functions to serve each individual client the best they possibly can.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Furthermore, the interfaces provided by Halpern and the Parametric Dining, LLC corporation allow the wait staff and management at restaurants to study everything from their sales to their revenue and back. It allows them to look at the items that are most popular and allows them to understand the consumption habits of their customers’ food and beverage choices. It allows them to observe if there are changes in these patterns over time, or if customers’ preferences for food and beverage are changing over time.

Jason’s Family

The program also has full capabilities to send bills to customers for their orders. Customers can swipe cards and pay on this system as well. The interfaces also can email customers receipts for their orders once their dining experience is complete!