It is indeed a fact that Tidal has undergone some revolution recently. This is evident given it has been able to garner some gigantic album exclusives in a row. After some of the executives had differed, Desiree Perez got into orchestrating it. She is a close associate of Jay-Z and works in close collaboration with her husband, Juan Perez.

Desiree Perez is among the forces that are behind the operation of Tidal. She is a tough negotiator who is good with numbers considering that she has an excellent representation in the streets. It is then paramount to know who Desiree Perez is.

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Music streaming is a big business, and at the time that Tidal was affected when executives quit their roles, it did not deter the founder Jay-Z from pressing on. Desiree came through. She is a business woman that is well acquainted in sealing deals. Desiree does not only seal deals but also makes sure they are profitable to the artists and tidal business. She is has helped in transition in that assisted in getting exclusive albums for co-owners like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and T.I, related articles on  Also, she is known for her managerial and accounting your life to your best is the happiest thing to do. She has overcome all odds to emerge the best among in the music industry.   Interesting read on

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There are indeed some challenges, but with her approaches and mindset there is increase in new sign-ins plus there is an increase of Tidal app popularity given her splendid influential personality.

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