Everything You Need to Know about the Quality of Services at USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a Fort Worth, Texas-based health insurance company that sells health insurance products through its subsidiaries, National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company was founded in 1982 as Ascent Assurance, Inc. before changing its name to USHEALTH Group in 2005. The company’s commitment to providing Accident and Disability Insurance, Specified Disease/Sickness, and Life insurance solutions is evident in it’s long, impeccable track record.

Over the years, USHEALTH Group has provided health insurance coverage to over 15 million US citizens. This includes the company’s employees, self-employed persons, small business owners, and families. USHEALTH Group, Inc. sells its health insurance products through agents. To be employed as an agent at USHEALTH, one has to meet the necessary certification standards and complete a mandatory product training exercise with the company.

Quality of Services

USHEALTH takes into consideration the fact that every individual is unique vis-à-vis their medical needs. As a result, the company takes a different approach when providing health insurance services to its clients. They have a wide variety of health insurance policies to choose from. Each and every plan is customized to cater to the needs of the customer. The ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t cut it for USHEALTH Group insurance. Click here to know more.

The customer service at USHEALTH is exceptional with super-fast claim processing as a bonus. Based on the quality of services, USHEALTH is one of the elite insurance companies in North America. The company has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+. The company’s customer services are outstanding. Having been named on the Top 50 North American Call Centre list puts the company among the crème of the industry.

Buying Health Insurance Products from USHEALTH

The USHEALTH Group, in conjunction with its subsidiaries, offers various health insurance products for the American population. The world of health insurance is complicated, and buying a policy can be confusing. This is why USHEALTH advises its customers to purchase insurance products via their licensed, certified agents. There is a wide variety of health insurance products to choose from at USHEALTH, and reliability, affordability, and flexibility are guaranteed.

Some of the insurance products consumers can purchase from USHEALTH include a collection of Dental and Vision Plans, Term Life Insurance, Income Protector, Short-Term Accident Disability Income, Specified Disease/Sickness, Critical Illness and more. The company also provides a more tailored coverage options for customers who need a higher level of protection.

USHEALTH Group’s Unique Insurance Plan Solutions

USHEALTH Group, Inc and their Products

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Fort Worth, Texas. This company is committed to offering innovative life, accident and disability, and specified disease/sickness insurance solutions for families, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their staff. This is made possible through their subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. For over 50 years, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has served over 15 millions clients with individually customized plans.

Their products are tailored to meet clients’ different needs. They have an array of options to choose the best protection suited for them and their loved ones. And furthermore, their extensive portfolio of coverages meet the client’s needs in regards of affordability, flexibility, and reliability within their insurance selections.

For clients with a limited budget or have concerns with satisfying a high annual deductible before receiving benefits from the insurance plan, USHEALTH Group provides innovative solutions with first dollar benefits for services covered and discounts of substantial networks throughout an array of providers. These insurance plans are usually more affordable than comprehensive plans.

For clients desiring a more tailored coverage security and can afford a certain cost sharing level, USHEALTH Group has a family of companies with uniquely specified solutions and selections for accident and specified disease/sickness plan. Click here to know more.

Their Advisors

Through the USHEALTH Advisors, their wholly-owned subsidiary, USHEALTH Group provides life, specified disease/sickness, and supplement products. Their USHEALTH Advisors Agents will guide clients in an exceptional way throughout the buying process. Also, these agents are highly trained and certified to meet the standards required to be authorized and represent their products. Thus, clients all over the US are well pleased with their products, professionalism, and customer support. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.


USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

Individuals and their families can have top notch security with this company’s PremierChoice difference. This organization provides the ability to purchase more coverage when needed without performing additional underwriting. Clients can also opt to pay for coverage only when needed with their short term, medical-surgical expense plan and buying the Optional Guaranteed Short Tern Insurability Rider. All of this can be done without additional underwriting. With these innovative insurance plans, the following benefits also apply:

Long term, fixed rates

  • Long term, fixed rates- clients can lock rates for up to 15 months.

Giving a choice

  • Giving a choice- choice and flexibility in presently taking care of the family while being prepared for the unexpected.


  • Convenience- customer service from person to person without being required to talk to a machine.

Dedicated and professional agents

  • Dedicated and professional agents- professional agents readily available and prepared to take care of the clients’ needs designed the right way in regards to long term health benefits and financially.

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USHEALTH Group Leads the Way in Health Innovations

USHEALTH Group, Inc. was formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. and changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in March 2005. The company was incorporated in 1982 and is based in Fort Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group is family of companies that offer full plans that helps you to customize your health coverage according to your specific needs including specific sickness, disease and accident insurance, dental coverage and serious illness. It has experience of over 50 years in insurance expertise, it offers reasonable, flexible and guarantees health security to the whole family.

Their mission is to help other people every day, meaning it’s an organization that’s main aim is to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives through protecting customers from financial crisis due to unforeseen sickness. Their vision is to build best insurance cover in American giving best services and value to their customers. With their quality, affordable and reliable services it’s what’s make them to be successful. Having diversity of coverage, it promotes clients choice. With their long experience in the market and having served more than 25million customers, USHealth Group family offers innovative and experience to the services they offer.

For the clients who cannot afford, they are offered a plan of innovative products that provides first dollar benefits for covering services better network discounts across a wide range of customers. The group insurance company differentiate themselves by creating a bound relationship with their customers through ensuring they are trusted, consistent and delivers their promises. They also ensure what they offer to their customers is unique wide variety of services that is experienced with good customer care services.

They have premier choice, where customers can see any doctor at any hospital, it operates in 24hour system, any plan you have with them pays an addition coverage of what you have with them. Customers have a right to purchase additional coverage under their Premier Med Short Medical-Surgical Expense Plan with no additional conditions. Click here to know more.

Their commitment to being attentive to customers’ needs, has made USHEALTH Advisors a recognized world leader for business growth, innovation and customer care. USHealth group on Linkedin.

USHEALTH Group; Leading Innovativeness in the Insurance Sector

USHEALTH Group, which is based in Fort Worth, TX, offers some of the most innovative products in the health insurance sector. The company makes its services available through its subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life insurance Company.

Solutions Offered

The company aims to provide Accident and Disability Insurance solutions, specific illness solutions and life insurance solutions for families, small businesses, and individuals. Through its subsidiaries, the company has reached over 15 million people. All their products are tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer. It has been offering services to customers for over 50 years collectively.

More about Its Products

When it comes to tailoring products for each client, the company excels at it. USHEALTH Group is a firm believer in choice. Thus, they truly value the ability to give each customer the various options to choose from for care that meets their needs. Their wide array of options makes the company uniquely qualified to address the needs of affordability, flexibility, and reliability in their choices of insurance.

They have products for customers that have a limited budget or are worried about having to deal with high deductibles annually before they can reap the benefits of their cover. The products they offer provide customers with first dollar benefits for all the services that are covered under their plan. Besides that, customers will get to enjoy significant network discounts from a wide range of providers. The plans that USHEALTH Group offers are quite affordable compared to comprehensive plans. Additionally, they provide assurances and first dollar protection that are available in limited protection plans.

For clients that would like the security offered by a tailored coverage and can afford some level of cost sharing, the group’s family of companies has a unique selection of products offered. These products are designed to be affordable, flexible, and reliable.

Customers will get their cover enhanced with a wide array of ancillary products no matter the type that they choose. The ancillary products include short-term accident disability income, term life insurance, dental and vision plans, and income protector.