Co-washing: The “No Poo” Approach To Hair Care

Traditional shampoos rely heavily on detergents and chemicals to remove daily build-up from our hair. These chemicals often leave our hair feeling dry and damaged, and send us reaching for conditioner to restore moisture. However, there’s a new approach to hair care that’ll make traditional shampoos a thing of the past.

Co-washing or conditioning washing is the “no poo” approach to hair care, that’ll remove daily build-up without stripping the hair of natural oils and minerals. Cleansing conditioners are a no- foam method of washing your hair. As strange as it seems, your hair is actually getting clean.

Cleansing conditioners use light cleansing agents, free of harsh chemicals. It leaves the hair feeling soft and healthy, without being weighed down. Since they’re free of chemicals such as, sodium Lauryl sulfate, they generally don’t lather.

Products, such as WEN by Chaz, cleanse the hair using natural extracts and botanicals. WEN hair care products are detergent-free and leave the hair soft and healthy. Their 5-in-1 formula replaces the need for shampoos, conditioners. leave-in treatments and detangling sprays.

WEN hair care products were created by Los Angeles stylist, Chaz Dean. His mission was creating a hair care product that removed daily build-up without stripping away the hair’s natural oils. This lead to the creation of WEN hair care products.

Benefits of using cleansing conditioners:

All-in-one formula
Leaves hair soft and healthy looking
No-foaming formula
Strengthens damaged hair
Noticeably healthy hair after 2 weeks of use

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