Lovaganza Revitalizes 3D

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Conventional 3D has needed a revamp for a while now. Current three dimensional technology is apt to cause migraines in viewers due to squinted eyes. This strains the temples and the eyes themselves, but its hard to help because modern 3D requires darkness. Over time, this squinting in the dark has become responsible for not a few migraines. There are many who complain of getting a headache at the 3D movies. Lovaganza has this problem licked. Lovaganza have developed a new cinema presentation platform called IMMERSCOPE. With IMMERSCOPE, viewers are treated to a full 180-degree panoramic three-dimensional picture. Here’s the kicker: no glasses are required.

For reference, imagine the intimacy, clarity, and three-dimensional quality of a live theatrical performance. Now imagine all the special effects wizardry, close-ups and downright intense cinematography that comes with a film. Now imagine the two properties combined together into a cohesive whole. Such a mental picture will likely be close to the reality of Lovaganza.

The presentation where Lovaganza will be fully unveiled is eightfold, simultaneous, and will go on over the course of four months. Think of CINERAMA mixed with the World’s Fairs of yesteryear on Instagram, and another picture reveals itself. Lovaganza will have special live events, they’ll have interactive media, technological exhibitions, and of course, IMMERSCOPE.

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Between now and 2020, when this Lovaganza exhibition will be unveiled across the globe, there is set to be a number of strategic promotional events. Primarily these will be collectively known as the Lovaganza Convoy, a sort of traveling caravan that will preview feature films in IMMERSCOPE, giving viewers a taste of the full Lovaganza experience. Between now and 2020, three separate feature films will be released related to Lovaganza. These are the first installment in a three part trilogy of trilogies. Should the year’s festival turn out right, more will likely follow.

With simultaneous worldwide implementation in Oceania, America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, this event is set to be historically groundbreaking. Yahoo Finance recently published a press release detailing how exceptionally brilliant the event will be. For continuous updates, check Lovaganza.com. The site is copyrighted 2012, which means the concept of Lovaganza likely stretches back further. By 2020, an event that’s a decade (or more) in the making will impress the world. Originally planned for 2015, those facilitating Lovaganza learned of new technology and halted production to give this innovative step the fullest, most memorable deployment. It will certainly be an interesting endeavor.