Don Ressler Has Helped Carve Out A Unique Fashion Niche

Fashion is many thing. Many people see clothing as not merely cloth but as a means of self expression and an opportunity to demonstrate their own worldview. Such is very much the perspective of Don Ressler, head of the one of the leading fashion brands today. He is someone who understands the true power of fashion that can take a yard of fabric and create something that every women will want to wear. It is this sense of awe at the possibilities inherent in the world of fabric that have helped him do so well in the world he inhabits.

Starting A New Company

Don Ressler began looking at the world of fashion early. It was a few years ago that he saw that a new market was starting to develop. This is a market where women are increasingly going out and exercising when they like. A woman may choose to exercise before work, during lunch or right after her work. Don Ressler knew that this market has endless potential and the possibility for huge growth. As he used his business acumen to have a closer look at it, it became even more apparent to him that he could offer something special and unique.

Comfortable Clothing

One of the things that Don Ressler has noticed is that people want to avoid clothing that is restrictive today. Unlike yesterday, many women today realize they can focus better on anything if they have clothing that is soft and pleasant to wear. This is where began to realize how he could step in and offer such clothing. He also realized that many women do not want to spend a lot of money for a single pair of pants. It was then that it hit him that was a clear gap in the market for clothing that was good for a workout and yet not too expensive.

Starting A New Business Venture

After this realization hit him, he started a new business in order to help fill this niche. He saw that women everywhere would want to flock to a business model that offered them something and yet also offered something they needed and did not have. JustFab immediately began to take off as Ressler stepped up his leadership. Reaching out to consumers ever since has been his game. He knows that he can continue to offer clothing that is comfortable and fills this particular fashion niche. See: