Highland Capital Management Grip on Investment Management

Highland Capital Management, formerly known as Protective Asset Management Company was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and is a SEC registered investment adviser firm. The company has been in business for over twenty years being instrumental in the provision of investments solutions.The organization is one of the most experienced global credit managers. Together with its affiliates, the company has a record of approximately fifteen billion in asset classes. Highland Capital Management is focussed on acquisition of hedge funds, distressed and special private equity, ETFS and collateralized loan obligations. Highland Capital Management (HCM) has a diversified client base with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has other branches in the following cities, New York Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paolo.


Highland Capital Management has a credit company plan that hs helped streamlined pipeline profitable investments in the year 2016 when oil prices hit an all-time low. These investments together with Michael Gregory, the Chief Investment Officer of Highland Capital Management has helped the Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund triple’s it return of the S&P five hundred index. The company is said to be on the brink of a great rebound this year. The company provided the investors with high single digit yields, and the flow of cash was by volume disregarding the issue of the price of crude oil.



The company Equity Fund has invested most of its resources in health care followed by energy MLP. The reason of the dispersion of funds in between this two sectors is the primary reason why HCM is bound to make a rebound this year. The Fund Sector allowance has invested fewer funds in Real Estate, Financials, and Consumer Discretionary. Small Cap Equity Fund was acquired from GE Asset Management in 2010 and was under the management of subadvisers until the buyout from the company. The fund’s expenses are considered to be above average.


The Mutual fund’s Class A shares HSZAX,-0.07% had a net return of thirty-one percent in 2016 with a mean return 8.9% over the last three years. The Class A shares had an average return of 6.4%. The companies upfront sale charges of 5.75%