James Dondero, a Finance Guru

Highland Capital Management offers reasonable access to some of its best venture ideas, curated by Dondero, using the $894 million Highland Global Allocation Fund (ticker: HCOAX). Over the last few years, the fund has surged to 29.6% and sits in Morningstar’s world allocation category. However, it has a very little comparison to most of its peers. This fund holds just under 200 securities in contrast of the ordinary world allocation fund, which holds nearly 400 securities. The initial focus of High Capital was credit. However, in 1996, they organized one of the main non-bank loan obligations. Later on, they ventured into different areas in the options space, founding their first mutual fund in 2000.

Career Journey and Accomplishments

As the president and also the pioneer of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has several responsibilities. He currently resides in Dallas TX. He mainly administers Highland Capital’s venture approaches and activities for both institutional and retail products at Highland. Moreover, James also serves as the current head of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical Corporation. He is also a member of the board of directors at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote. His involvement in credit markets traverses nearly 30 years and it comprises one of the co-founders of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

Capital related to his administration have gotten various accolades and honors all through his profession. Some of the awards include the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014, Morningstar’s #1 position Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014 and Morningstar’s 5-star assignment for Global Allocation in 2014. Dondero initially served at Protective Life’s GIC auxiliary as the chief investment officer. Within a span of five years, Dondero grew the business from start-up to $2 billion. From 1985 to 1989, Dondero worked in American Express where he oversaw around $1 billion in fixed income funds.


He has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia where he focused on Accounting and Finance. Also, he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and he got the honor to utilize the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) assignment. Read full article : Here.

Julia Jackson Continues the Family’s Winemaking Business

Jackson Family Wines is based in California in the legendary and picturesque Sonoma County. This area north of San Francisco is well known for its gorgeous scenery and for its wine culture. The winemaking company was founded in 1983 and concentrated on producing artisanal wines. Quality productions by the Jackson Family Wines vineyards include La Crema, Freemark Abbey, Matanzas Creek, and many other fine wines.

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson and has taken a keen interest in the family business. Born in 1988 she recalled fun times with her father working in the vineyards. Her passion for winemaking continued through college and she now has a position with the international sales force at Jackson Family Wines and can be seen sampling her favorite Cabernet in one of their advertising campaigns.

View more: https://www.pinterest.com/juliajacksonca/

Her bubbly personality and youthful exuberance combine to make her a great representative of this winemaking family. Her father, Jess, who passed away in 2011 was a great inspiration to Julia and to many others in the Sonoma community. Jess Jackson was a very successful businessman who turned his winemaking business into a $billion operation renown around the world. Julia Jackson eulogized her father as a caring and dedicated father who cherished the Sonoma area not just for its ability to produce great wines but for its physical beauty.

Equities First – Highly Indebted Financial Institutions Before The Crisis Messed The Traditional Lenders

Much of leverage in financial institutions was enabled through complex financial tools, for instance, off-balance sheet derivatives and securitization which made it challenging for regulators and creditors to monitor and work to minimize financial institutions risk levels. Likewise, the instruments made the progress virtually impossible in reorganizing financial bodies in bankruptcy which facilitated the necessity of government bailouts. Financial institutions and US households became overleveraged and highly indebted before the crisis which increased their flexibility to crumple of the housing bubble and worsening of economic downturn. Free money utilized by home equity extraction consumers doubled from $627 billion to $1,428 billion in 2001 and 2005 respectively with the housing bubble accumulating approximately $5 trillion within the duration, leading to economic development globally. On the other hand, US home mortgage debts in association with GDP went up from the average of 46% to 73% in 1990s to 2008 respectively, reaching $10.5 trillion. By the end of 2007, the US household debt as the year disposable personal income percentage was 127% compared to 77% in 1990. Most of the banks & lending companies have so far tightened their loaning standards to keep similar crises at bay. On the other hand, majority of borrowers are opting for optional lending services which come with affordable and manageable interests and rules respectively. Equities First is one of the firms that takes provide in furnishing businesses owners with alternative lending services with venture proprietors benefiting from stock-based loans. Click Here for more article.

In 2004 to 2007, the leading five investment banks in US greatly increased their monetary leverage, which extended their financial stock vulnerability. Modifications in capital necessities were intended retain US banks in competition with their counterparts in Europe, permitting minimal risks for AAA securities. Traditional loans today come with high interests’ rate with institutions aiming to repay their debts and also keeping riskier borrowers from getting loans. As small business owners are finding it tough to secure banks loans, stock-loans at Equities First (http://www.equitiesfirst.co.uk/) have turned into a better alternative as the firm has been devoted in fulfilling its missions.

See Equities First Resume .

Looking For Loans In The UK Using Stocks As Collateral?

Look no further. Equities First UK lends on equities. It is their chosen field. They are a private company, so there is very little chance of government interference. With an institutional lender or a bank, the government will tell them which kinds of equities they can not use for a loan. With First Equities UK, they decide which equities to lend against. With conventional lenders, they will only offer to lend against 40% of the value of the equities. Click Here to read Equities First news.

With Equities First UK, they will lend up to 80% of the value of the stock. The difference in interest rates is phenomenal, also. Equities First UK will always be lower than the competition.

Conventional lenders and banks will want a business proposal and will want to know the usage of the funds from the loan. Equities First UK will not ask you what you are going to do with the funds. They lent against the stocks, and do not want to know what you are going to do with the money. They will not ask for a business proposal. Read More .

With Equities First UK, the funding is quick and easy. With banks, it could take weeks before the funds are cleared for use. Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com

Equities First is a growing company and concern simply because they do not do what the others do. They do it their way. Equities First UK does not answer to stock holders or to the government. Don’t you think it’s time you tried Equities First UK, instead of a bank?

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Robert Santiago’s Impressive Entrepreneurial And Parliamentarian Career In Brazil

Robert Santiago is a world-renown entrepreneur, owner of several world class shopping malls, federal deputy of the Social Democratic Party who was re-elected by Sao-Paulo and the UGT vice president. The two parties are outspoken supporters of rights of workers and the organization of the civil society. Young Robert Santiago grew up in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa and began his entrepreneurship career by setting up a cartonnage firm. The company designed, manufactured and distributed cardboard folding to some businesses. His first real estate franchise was the huge piece of land he bought in Joao Pessoa in 1989. Robert developed the famous Manaira Shopping Center on the land.

The Manaira Shopping Hall is one of the grandest entertainment centers in Paraiba and Brazil. The mall’s construction began in 1987 and opened in 1989. The mall has tons of shops, theaters, rooftop concert halls, five-star food courts, gaming sections, banks, fitness centers and educational facilities. The movie theaters have the latest cinema technologies and feature the latest trending films. Manaira’s bowling alley has a fully equipped amusement park which operates electronically. The food court houses restaurants such as Espaco Gourmet, Steakhouse, and Waynes. Between 2008 and 2014, Robert offered invitations to restaurants that fit the appetite and budget of every individual that visited the Manaira. The Higher Education of Paraiba students and faculty frequent the facilities in the mall since they are also housed in the building. The mall’s stores that provide something for everyone such as furniture, jewelry, clothing, sports gears and much more.

Apart from developing internationally recognized real estate, Robert chaired the execution of the project that establishes the policies that regulate the minimum salaries and career plans of public workers. He spearheaded the expansion of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida project to other Brazilian regions and suggesting amendment of the Federal government’s plan to accommodate management of cities with less than 200,000 occupants. Robert Santiago has received recognitions for various accomplishments such as the 2011 medal for being the greatest officer of the superior labor court. Santiago received the Member of the year award from Congress in Focus Website, the Commerative Medal by the Consolidation of Labor Laws, and earned a consecration by Diap as one of the top 100 most influential political figures of Brazil for seven consecutive years. In 2012, Robert received the Cebrasse Service Sector Award. Robert is an alumnus of the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he graduate with a Bachelors degree in business administration.

The New Place on the Copacabana

The new place on the Copacabana looks like a 5-star resort, and once inside, you would really think it was, until you realize it’s a hospital. It has a grand piano in the lobby. It has fine artwork throughout the hospital by famed Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. There are also overstuffed sofas and chairs in the lobby. It is the Copa Star, a five star hospital with all the amenities of a five star hotel.

But the really most interesting and biggest surprise is the five star restaurant. It’s not a cafeteria-type affair that you will find in most hospitals. It is a full blown five star restaurant with all the trimmings set up for gourmet dining.

Owned and operated by D’Or, the company plans to open several more hospitals in Brazil, using the Copa Star as a model.

It has 155 suites, as opposed to rooms. Each patient suite has its own bathroom The light, drapes, and temperature are controlled by a tablet that is given the patient. On the tablet, the patient can also have video chat with his doctor, the nurses, and other staff.

The hospital boasts state of the art operating rooms, and robotic devices that help with the operations. Doctors have access to many devices, screens, and leading edge technologies during the operations.

The hospital is presently focusing on cardiology and neurology, and plans to become a recognized center for treatment in those special areas. For some procedures, such as magnetic resonance imaging, hybrid rooms are offered during the operation that contain this equipment, allowing the doctors to see as they go. It’s a different concept than most hospitals.

Even in the use of the concrete to build the building, Copa Star came up with something new and creative. The concrete allows for fifty per cent less energy consumption than other concretes, and due to the limited space for the builder, new methods had to be explored to construct the building.

So, it’s not just a hospital. It’s a forward reaching, goal oriented idea whose time has come, not only for the patients, but for the guests and the staff as well.

Lori Senecal Named Global CEO Of CP&B

According to the company, the newly created role will work to oversee growth in all aspects of the development of the enterprise. According to them, they looked around only to see Ms. Senecal as the best candidate to sit in that chair. Therefore, Lori Senecal has been named as the new director of the CP&B and MDC Partners Company. She is now the Global Chief Executive Officer of the company. This is one of the newly-created posts in the company as a result of their trust and rule towards Lori Senecal. Lori Senecal has worked to prove to the company that she truly loves her job. Because of this, she has worked in the capacity of the management positions to develop and make the company grow in different aspects of her management.

Lori Senecal has also worked as the Former President and Chief Executive Officer of the MDC Network of Partners together with a prominent position at KBS as the Global Executive Chairperson. KBS is one of the smaller companies under the management of MDC Network of Partners. Lori Senecal will work to continue in her role as the Chief Executive Officer and President of MDC Partners Network Company. However, she will stop working as the Managing Chairperson at KBS. For this reason, the company decided that the seat at KBS will remain vacant until they find someone of Lori Senecal ‘s caliber to take the position and spearhead the company towards development and growth.

According to the tasks of the newly created role, she will have the rarest opportunity at CP&B. Senecal will also be charged with a special task to oversee the expansion and growth of all shops under her management in the region. She will also work to coordinate and manage all international offices from the comfort of her desk and foster development t. Whenever she finds a mistake with the shops, she will always seek further clarification on any issues affecting the offices. In this way, she will work to enable he company progress towards sustainability and development which is their primary goal. Lori Senecal is a lover of the agency. As a matter of fact, she understands everything about the agency.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Continue Growth

Finding an affordable way to connect with customers across the globe is a challenge that most businesses face. While it can be a challenge to build new customers, the use of online marketing and video chat tools can be a great way to connect with new potential customers. One of the best platforms available to users is the online video chat and marketing platform provided by Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion provides its customers with the ability to use a simple marketing and online tool that can be used to provide marketing materials, talk with potential customers and employees face to face, and other services that will increase product awareness regardless of what industry the company is in. Talk Fusion also provides an interactive video email service, which will allow a business to provide a professional email that can also provide a more personal touch.

The products used by Talk Fusion are used by businesses of all size, individuals, charities, schools, and a variety of other organizations. The services are used by thousands of different clients and are available in over 140 different countries across the globe. For those that are interested in taking advantage of the services provided by Talk Fusion, a great option would be take advantage of the free trial that Talk Fusion provides. This 30-day trial will provide a potential client with a no-risk and no-commitment trial offer, which will provide the majority of all the benefits of the platform.

Talk Fusion is still in its growth phase, but has continued to be a market leader under developer and founder Bob Reina. Bob Reina was able to use his 20+ years of relationship marketing and business development experience to develop Talk Fusion. He has focused the majority of his time with the business by giving customers and businesses more freedom to grow than ever before. He is also adamant about giving back to the community both personally and through the business. Several different charities and foundations have used their service to better communicate their message to potential donors and other interested parties.

Read further at http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/

Keith Mann Partners with Uncommon Schools for a Better Education

Keith Mann has always been an advocate for education. After all, education is one of the most important things a person can have. With Keith Mann, he is always finding new ways to support kids and their dreams of getting the best education available. He is a passionate person, and he only wants the best for each and every student as every student deserves a chance to go to college and further their education for a better career.

That is why Keith is proud to announce his partnership between Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit organization that helps low income high school students get into the college of their dreams. With their partnership, Keith and his five-member team held two resume workshops where they sat down with students and helped them look over and edit each resume. These resumes would then be sent out along with their college applications during the fall. The goal between this partnership is to help high school students learn practical and tactical skills that will not only help them in college, but beyond that as well.

Keith Mann loves seeing how motivated these students are. They are eager to learn and are asking great questions on how to find the right college, internships, as well as future careers. Keith, and his wife Keely, recently announced a Scholarship for Professional Achievement Award that will be awarded to one lucky graduating high school senior. This award is designed to recognize future business leaders. In order to qualify, students were asked to write an essay on why earning a college degree will help them achieve their goals.

Keith is the Founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, a premier executive search firm. He has over fifteen years of experience in the executive search industry and is considered an expert in hedge fund compensation. After finding out that the hedge fund industry was quickly growing, he expanded his practice into what it is known as today. Keith is hard-working and dedicated. He takes his job seriously and is willing to help out wherever help is needed.

Partnership of Startup Factory and Fusion

Mike Baur is a citizen of Switzerland. Mike was firmly connected to his country. Mike was fascinated with banking and finance services in his teenage. He, therefore, worked hard towards achieving his goals of being in the banking sector. It took him 29 years to work in Swiss a private bank. He graduated to the commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive board member in the same private bank. At 39 years Mike started the journey of private enterprise. He came up with the Swiss Startup factory that was independent and privately financed by ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike invests most of his time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports Swiss startups financially.

StartSup factory

Mike Baur a former Clariden, a Salford banker, founded the startup company. His primary intention was to help the young entrepreneurs in digital technologies. Startup Factory partnered with Geneva-based Fintech accelerator fusion. The two companies are creating a healthy relationship between the French and the German parts. The two companies accelerate each other well, and they work together to achieve the goals. The co-founder of Startup Factory emphasizes on their collaboration as the strength of the company. The partnership of the two companies is the first to excel and barriers as mentioned earlier by joining accelerators from different regions.

About Fusion

Fusion started in 2015. It was a global firm for financial services. The primary aim of the operation was to be a world-class firm with a reputation for innovation. It was also to fuse Switzerland with the highest Fintech talent. The members and mentors of fusion came from various financial services like banks, insurance, etc. The company has sponsorship from engineering research firms.

About Swiss startup factory

Swiss Startup Company was founded in 2014. SSUF is located in Zurich and it searches for digital entrepreneurs in the market. The firm runs a three-month program that offers different services like coaching mentoring, financing, etc. Swiss startup factory also provides the vast entrepreneurial network. The winter collection of the company began on January 18th and ended on 26th of April. The partnership of the two has led to their growth because of shared responsibilities.