José Borghi Made A Name For Himself From His Success.

Jose Borghi is one of Brazil’s top leading creative talents in the arena of commercial publications using a broadcasting medium. But this was not always the case. Jose had a complex time discerning exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. Before he even reached high school this thought troubled him greatly. His sister took him out to a theater to try and help Jose reach beyond this depressive block to his creative thoughts. They went to a theater where a great amount of successful videos regarding advertising commercials were being presented. They were so successful that they had all won famous awards of golden lion trophies.

After the event was over, Jose had realized his future career path. He would aspire to win one of those gold statues for his very own, and eventually he did just that. Jose attended the university PUC-Campinas and graduated with a respected degree in Advertising. This helped Jose with the courage to proceed to working at Standart Ogilvy, a very famous Brazilian advertising company. After this Jose decided that he and his best friend would form their own company, BorghiErh, and they produced highly successful commercials from their company.

Their success gained the attention of another famously successful advertising firm, Lowe, who bought out Jose’s friend and changed the name of the new company to BorghiLowe. Success continued to happen for Jose and attracted further attention from the Lowe & Mullen advertising group, who decided to merge with BorghiLowe, updating the name to what is now Mullen Lowe. This is where Jose launched his most famous commercial, the “Mammals Parmalat,” a commercial about dancing and singing children wearing animal costumes as they sang popular jingles. The commercials is still talked about among many Brazilians as being highly memorable. SEE MORE