10 Hair Hacks For Every Girl According to Wengie

Wengie has amassed a huge online following since she put up The Wonderful World of Wengie, a top-rated Australian blog, and created YouTube channels wherein she serves as a beauty guru for millions of her fans worldwide. One of the most popular videos in her account, in fact, teaches the ladies about different ways to care for your locks. Hence, here is a quick breakdown of 10 hair hacks for every girl according to Wengie.


  1. Sanitize the Hairbrush

Remove the fallen hair stuck on the brush with toothpicks or Q-tips, and wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water so that the grime stuck to it can be rinsed.


  1. Use Wet Wipes to Tame Hair

It cannot be helped if there are pieces of hair sticking out, but attaching a wet wipe to the hairbrush allows you to control them as you run the tool on your locks.


  1. Do Double Ponytail For Apparently Longer Hair

Who knew you can make the hair look lengthier without the help of extensions? This is achievable when you create half and low ponytails.


  1. Apply Coconut Oil As A Hair Mask

Coconut oil has the ability to moisturize your mane and protect it from damages. Feel free to replace your hair mask with it, and apply the oil before shampooing.


  1. Get A Shirt Instead of A Towel to Dry Your Hair

A towel has more defined threads than a shirt, that’s why the former can have harsher effects on the hair. Hence, you have to utilize the latter during the drying process.


  1. Add Hairspray Indirectly

Wengie did mention in the video as well that spraying hairpin, toothbrush, and makeup brush is favorable for your locks’ well-being. Try this to manage the shortest pieces.


  1. Snip Damaged Ends At Home

If you twist chunks of hair vertically, it will be easier for you to see the ones with the split ends. You can then snip them off on your own.


  1. Have Loose Waves Fast

Tie your hair up so that you get to curl only the lower portion of it. This trick lets you obtain admirable waves within minutes.


  1. Remove Hair Oiliness With Baby Powder or Cornstarch

When you run out of dry shampoo, cornstarch or baby powder can take its place anytime. Rub either in your locks before sleeping, and then clear the particles out with a blowdryer.


  1. Make Hairbands Out of Old Stockings

Since stockings are semi-elastic, they are safer to use than the typical hairbands that generate much friction to the hair. Cut an old pair in bits in order to produce many hair ties.


Wrapping Made Easy


When it comes to wrapping gifts for the holidays, there are a few hacks that you can keep in mind to make the job a bit easier and a little more fun in the process. If you have a gift that is an odd shape or that comes in a bag, then put that gift in a cereal box or another box that is easy to wrap. Fold a paper cup in half after cutting the very top off the cup. Add some colorful Washi tape to the top edge. Put your small gift inside, and hole punch one corner to add a gift tag.


Make a present look like it’s been mailed by wrapping it in brown paper and decorating the edges with red and green slanted rectangles. Wengie  suggests You can also add a stamp or two in the corner along with a return address from the North Pole. Use scrap fabric as gift wrap. Place the gift in the center of the fabric so that the fabric looks like a diamond, making it easy to pull the edges up and tie them with a ribbon. Create your own gift wrapping designs with a potato and an ink pad. Cut the potato in fun holiday shapes. Add paint on the smooth side of the potato slice, and stamp the potato on a plain piece of gift wrap. You can make anything from Christmas trees to snowmen on your wrapping paper for a fun and unique look that will likely be enjoyed by the recipient.

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