Desiree and Jay-Z, the best pair

Jay-Z is a well-known rapper who has been able to capture the attention of fans in the world of the hip-hop world. He is known worldwide because of his ability to come with unique music which makes rapper happy and looking for more. He has a business that deals with music streaming. Music streaming can be tricky for those starting the business. It needs one to have the right decisions and come up with strategies that are geared towards developing the business. A variety of music is also required if you want your company to offer services that are unique from the rest of the companies.


Jay-Z decided to venture into the business of music streaming because he knows the dynamics of the music. He purchased the company from a Swedish firm that deals with technology. The company was not doing well at that time, so he decided to come with ways that are useful for making the company grow. Every new corporation faces challenges, and when Jay-Z bought, he faced some challenges such as facing stiff competition from the companies that have already established themselves such as Apple and Sony music. Another problem was that the top leaders had a tendency of stepping down leaving a gap that needed to be replaced.

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Jay-Z made the best decision in his music career by hiring the excellent services of the talented and philanthropic lady Desiree Perez. She happens to be the best for that position, and it seems that she is there to stay. She also works for Roc Nation Sports with her husband, Juan Perez. They are both members of the Hova Circle which is an elite group that manages and runs Roc Nation. One reason why Perez is the best for that position is that he has the experience that is required to run such a business. She has been in the substantial undertaking for more than twenty years, and she has worked with Jay-Z before.

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