Julia Jackson Continues the Family’s Winemaking Business

Jackson Family Wines is based in California in the legendary and picturesque Sonoma County. This area north of San Francisco is well known for its gorgeous scenery and for its wine culture. The winemaking company was founded in 1983 and concentrated on producing artisanal wines. Quality productions by the Jackson Family Wines vineyards include La Crema, Freemark Abbey, Matanzas Creek, and many other fine wines.

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson and has taken a keen interest in the family business. Born in 1988 she recalled fun times with her father working in the vineyards. Her passion for winemaking continued through college and she now has a position with the international sales force at Jackson Family Wines and can be seen sampling her favorite Cabernet in one of their advertising campaigns.

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Her bubbly personality and youthful exuberance combine to make her a great representative of this winemaking family. Her father, Jess, who passed away in 2011 was a great inspiration to Julia and to many others in the Sonoma community. Jess Jackson was a very successful businessman who turned his winemaking business into a $billion operation renown around the world. Julia Jackson eulogized her father as a caring and dedicated father who cherished the Sonoma area not just for its ability to produce great wines but for its physical beauty.

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