Database Management through the Cloud with NuoDB

NuoDB offers database management through a cloud system. It operates under SQL in both new and transactional ways. It uses traditional SQL while adding features that provides support for cloud storage purposes. Just as with a relational cloud database, NuoDB allows applications and other programs to communicate with it in a way that scales out support processing. It differs from traditional databases in a few ways, including the fact that it has a structure made of three tiers: administrative, storage, and transactional. This tier process avoids close coupling of application data, which means it does not restrict the disc drive in a cumbersome way.


The SQL database elements belonging to NuoDB are referred to as atoms that are built on a durable distributed cache that employee in-memory caches for the sake of making the cloud more elastic. At the same time, this process makes sure that data objects can be saved correctly and maintained efficiently. NuoDB also works on a currency control that works to detect deadlocks in data for the sake of making conflicts easier to resolve. Elements within NuoDB can be oriented both by object and message. As NuoDB’s website states, this cloud storage mechanism sets the pace for the customers within a given market instead of the market being the driving force at hand.

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