Eric Lefkofsky: An Individual with a Vision to do Something Unique for Medical Sector

Tempus is a unique firm or an online portal that founded with hope as a startup program cancer fighting, and Groupon founded it. The founder of Groupon is Eric Lefkofsky, and the reason behind Tempus is to assist doctors or scientist of Chicago University to have a centralized database that will help them to save the data online without having to worry about repeating same procedures and methods time and again. This unique idea comes into the mind of Eric, and then he discussed that few of his fellows and they founded Tempus. At first, the circle of Tempus limited, but Eric is planning to turn Tempus into a global solution so that everyone can take benefit of it.

Due to the services that Tempus is offering for the Chicago and Cancer Treatment, Medicine department of the same university announced to become an official member with Tempus to boost the process to help to find a cure for different life threatening diseases. So, that can also play their role in finding a cure for the life-threading disease. Professionals at Tempus along with Eric said that they would analyze data from over one thousand patients who has breast cancer to help researchers in discovering the uncover patterns which may predict how patients are going respond to a particular treatment. That would be a groundbreaking discovery if Tempus would have done that.

Mr. Eric is quite certain that with his team of experts who are working being Tempus, they are soon going to find the pattern in patients who are suffering the same life-threatening diseases. And as soon as they can find it, it would help the doctor to suggest patients a more effective treatment to control or cure of that disease. The goal of Tempus is that, by the time, this data is going to assist in leading to improved patient outcomes and better treatment as mentioned earlier in this post. Experts of Tempus are using genomic sequencing along with machine learning technology to assist medical professionals to make, real-time treatment decisions so that would be able to suggest most effective treatment to the client.

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