The Education and Career Background of Cassio Audi

The Brazilian economy is at amongst its most challenging times. Due to increase inflation, natives are finding it hard to invest in their home country, while it is becoming even harder to get foreign investors to put their money in the country. For this reason, the investment management industry has become crucial is Brazil is to be restored to its former glory. One of the leading professionals in this industry is Cassio Audi.
Cassio Audi is a highly-accomplished financial expert with over two decades of experience in this industry. He is currently the Chief financial Officer of Península Participações. Península Participações is a leading Sao Paulo based company.
Cassio Audi excels in providing financial expertise to startups, private equity funds, private and public companies, regardless of the size if these companies. He has a proven track record of streamlining businesses so that they start making profits. His past work and experience has gotten him to where he is today.
Audi is a graduate of the Sao Paulo based Pontifical Catholic University. He attended the University since the year 1989 to the year 1994, acquiring his bachelor’s degree in business administration. This immediately landed him a job but he knew he had to further his studies if he wanted to stand out in his industry. Therefore, in the year 1999 he joined the Universidade de Sao Paulo and graduated in the year 2000 with a master’s degree in Business Administration, Finance Option.
Having such a great education background has made him easily pave his way in the industry. However, it is the experience that has made stand out from fellow professionals. He has worked with big league brands including Rossi, GVMI, and Brookfield Brasil.

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