Advertising Entrepreneur Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur in Brazil who is the founder, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Neogama. Founded in 1999, Neogama is a very well regarded advertising agency that has been used by some of the largest companies in the world. Alexandre Gama has built his company into what is regarded as one of the top 20 Brazilian advertising agencies.

Mr. Gama has won a number of rewards throughout his career. One of these rewards was as “Agency Director of the Year” in 2006, by the Propaganda Professionals Association. Another of his other rewards would be in 2013 as “Company or the Year” due to his famous Johnny Walker ad campaign.

In 2014, Alexandre Gama had 20 years of his advertising work displayed at the Sao Paulo Museum. The displayed ads featured his well known campaigns for such companies as Volkswagen, Levi’s, and Ford. The most talked about exhibit was for his aforementioned Johnny Walker campaign, called “Rock Giant”. In this campaign he portrayed Brazil as an awakening giant. The television ad quickly became a Brazilian cultural touchstone. The museum created the entrance to the “Rock Giant” section by blowing up the last frame of the ad and mounting it within a wooden frame.


All About Jason Halpern

JMH is an investment firm company that invests in properties all across the US. These properties include both residential and commercial entities in popular places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach just to name a few places. JMH manages everything from construction oversight to the branding and marketing of the properties they invest in.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

The company was founded by principal Jason Halpern who currently owns about $500 million in real estate investments in New York state alone. This includes a recent start-up project that will include 340 luxury apartments on 184 Kent. The building used to be an old warehouse, but JMH is buying the property and transforming them into luxury apartments. Halpern was principal of JMH until April of 2014. Even after Halper’s departure, JMH has continued to have great success selling many noteworthy properties including Aloft South Beach Hotel that he sold in September 2016 for $105 million and a Miami surf-side condo building that also sold for $55 million in November of 2015.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Halpern has since moved on to now work as the Director at Parametric Dining, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company is a mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices that allow users to look through food and beverage options at local restaurants. The app also lets people place orders through the program in real time. The company designs custom interfaces for various restaurants to meet their personalized needs and adds functions to serve each individual client the best they possibly can.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Furthermore, the interfaces provided by Halpern and the Parametric Dining, LLC corporation allow the wait staff and management at restaurants to study everything from their sales to their revenue and back. It allows them to look at the items that are most popular and allows them to understand the consumption habits of their customers’ food and beverage choices. It allows them to observe if there are changes in these patterns over time, or if customers’ preferences for food and beverage are changing over time.

Jason’s Family

The program also has full capabilities to send bills to customers for their orders. Customers can swipe cards and pay on this system as well. The interfaces also can email customers receipts for their orders once their dining experience is complete!

Keeping Cool With The Aid Of Goettl

The Summer months should be a time when people are enjoying their time in a cool and comfortable home, but many people may need to develop their skills a little with the aid of Goettl to become as comfortable as possible each and every Summer. The Bro Talk recently published an article from Goettl that explained the need to take a look at the equipment being used by property owners who may see their air conditioning technology outdated and not provide the best possible options for keeping a property cool; thermostats are changing all the time and now use Smart technologies that can keep individual zones of a property cool and others warmer that are rarely in use.


Goettl also believes the shade can be an important factor in many different ways, including the fact it can keep a building cooled from the heat of the day when windows are covered by drapes and blinds. The shade can also play a key role in keeping an HVAC unit running at maximum efficiency as the battle to cool air for any unit can be immense when only warm air is being passed through a unit. Goettl technicians seek to locate HVAC units in shaded areas of a property where the air used by a unit will be significantly cooler than that in direct sunlight.


Goettl was established by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl who arrived in Arizona at a time when the state was largely uninhabited in the Summer months because of the extremely high temperatures seen each year. Goettl has largely focused on maintenance and servicing contracts in recent years and a series of mergers in Nevada in 2016 and 2017 have allowed the air conditioning company to develop into the commercial and multifamily housing markets from its roots in residential HVAC care.


USHEALTH Group’s Unique Insurance Plan Solutions

USHEALTH Group, Inc and their Products

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Fort Worth, Texas. This company is committed to offering innovative life, accident and disability, and specified disease/sickness insurance solutions for families, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their staff. This is made possible through their subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. For over 50 years, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has served over 15 millions clients with individually customized plans.

Their products are tailored to meet clients’ different needs. They have an array of options to choose the best protection suited for them and their loved ones. And furthermore, their extensive portfolio of coverages meet the client’s needs in regards of affordability, flexibility, and reliability within their insurance selections.

For clients with a limited budget or have concerns with satisfying a high annual deductible before receiving benefits from the insurance plan, USHEALTH Group provides innovative solutions with first dollar benefits for services covered and discounts of substantial networks throughout an array of providers. These insurance plans are usually more affordable than comprehensive plans.

For clients desiring a more tailored coverage security and can afford a certain cost sharing level, USHEALTH Group has a family of companies with uniquely specified solutions and selections for accident and specified disease/sickness plan. Click here to know more.

Their Advisors

Through the USHEALTH Advisors, their wholly-owned subsidiary, USHEALTH Group provides life, specified disease/sickness, and supplement products. Their USHEALTH Advisors Agents will guide clients in an exceptional way throughout the buying process. Also, these agents are highly trained and certified to meet the standards required to be authorized and represent their products. Thus, clients all over the US are well pleased with their products, professionalism, and customer support. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.


USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

Individuals and their families can have top notch security with this company’s PremierChoice difference. This organization provides the ability to purchase more coverage when needed without performing additional underwriting. Clients can also opt to pay for coverage only when needed with their short term, medical-surgical expense plan and buying the Optional Guaranteed Short Tern Insurability Rider. All of this can be done without additional underwriting. With these innovative insurance plans, the following benefits also apply:

Long term, fixed rates

  • Long term, fixed rates- clients can lock rates for up to 15 months.

Giving a choice

  • Giving a choice- choice and flexibility in presently taking care of the family while being prepared for the unexpected.


  • Convenience- customer service from person to person without being required to talk to a machine.

Dedicated and professional agents

  • Dedicated and professional agents- professional agents readily available and prepared to take care of the clients’ needs designed the right way in regards to long term health benefits and financially.

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Co-washing: The “No Poo” Approach To Hair Care

Traditional shampoos rely heavily on detergents and chemicals to remove daily build-up from our hair. These chemicals often leave our hair feeling dry and damaged, and send us reaching for conditioner to restore moisture. However, there’s a new approach to hair care that’ll make traditional shampoos a thing of the past.

Co-washing or conditioning washing is the “no poo” approach to hair care, that’ll remove daily build-up without stripping the hair of natural oils and minerals. Cleansing conditioners are a no- foam method of washing your hair. As strange as it seems, your hair is actually getting clean.

Cleansing conditioners use light cleansing agents, free of harsh chemicals. It leaves the hair feeling soft and healthy, without being weighed down. Since they’re free of chemicals such as, sodium Lauryl sulfate, they generally don’t lather.

Products, such as WEN by Chaz, cleanse the hair using natural extracts and botanicals. WEN hair care products are detergent-free and leave the hair soft and healthy. Their 5-in-1 formula replaces the need for shampoos, conditioners. leave-in treatments and detangling sprays.

WEN hair care products were created by Los Angeles stylist, Chaz Dean. His mission was creating a hair care product that removed daily build-up without stripping away the hair’s natural oils. This lead to the creation of WEN hair care products.

Benefits of using cleansing conditioners:

All-in-one formula
Leaves hair soft and healthy looking
No-foaming formula
Strengthens damaged hair
Noticeably healthy hair after 2 weeks of use

Watch for more reviews about WEN hair.

Read White Shark Media Reviews


White Shark Media may not be a name well-known to you, but if you are a small or medium business looking for digital marketing that enhances your presence, their name may be more beneficial than you now realize. This company is young, opening only in 2011. In that short time span, however, they’ve won many awards, provided extraordinary service to hundreds of customers, and been named a Google AdWords partner, an honor only 29 companies receive.

Say Hello to White Shark Media

You will love what White Shark Media has in store for you when digital marketing is needed. The company offers AdWords programs and management, SEO and local SEO, SEO management, SEM and local SEM, SEM management, and a plethora of additional services. You can get your first insight of the company with a visit to their website, and you can even find reviews while you are there.

Why Read White Shark Media Reviews?

When a customer has worked with a company in the past, their firsthand knowledge is always beneficial to you. Keep in mind that you cannot always please everyone, but so far, White Shark Media hasn’t displeased very many people, either. When you read the reviews, you get better insight into this company and what they should offer to you. Reviews are available for you to read with a click of the mouse and at no cost. With so much information to learn via the reviews, the real question has why not read them? You can spend as little or as much time reading the reviews as you wish. The more that you read; the more that you will learn.

Final Thoughts

White Shark Media is a young and modern company that knows a thing or two about digital marketing and helping you succeed. If you are ready to work with a company that truly wants to help you succeed, there isn’t a better name in the industry for you to look at. White Shark Media reviews are waiting. Read them, then decide for yourself. It won’t take long to learn firsthand that this is the best digital marketing company that you could ever possibly work with.

Dr. Clay Siegall Sits Down For An Interview With Inspirey On His Career

The second question that Dr. Clay Siegall was asked in his interview with Inspirey is how does he make money with his biotech firm, Seattle Genetics. Siegall’s answer to the question was that Seattle Genetics makes revenue primarily through the selling of its drugs that it created, patented and manufactured. The biggest money maker for Seattle Genetics right now says Clay Siegall is the antibody drug conjugate known as Adcertis that was developed by his company. Adcetris is the first antibody drug conjugate in history to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Seattle Genetics’ Adcetris is currently approved by the FDA to treat three different indications or symptoms of cancer.


Another way that Seattle Genetics earns money is through production partnerships. This is when two biotech firms team up to create drugs together. For example, Seattle Genetics may agree to manufacture drugs for another company at is facilities. In exchange, the other company will pay Seattle Genetics for making its products. The rights of the drug still remain at the other company however.


Seattle Genetics also generates revenue by licensing out patented processes and technology that they have created. Licensing means that Seattle Genetics allows another biotech firm to use its patented technology or process, but they will have to pay a royalty fee in order to to so. Licensing alone provides a substantial amount of revenue for the company.


Clay Siegall says that the process to get a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration takes a very long time, is costly and complicated. He says that if you get a medicine approved that has a market for it, then that medicine can make you a lot of money potentially. The downside to this says Siegall, is that there is a lot of risk involved. The research and development process is very costly and time consuming as is the approval process. What also adds to the risk and pressure at biotech firms, is that the drug manufactures have to essentially have to cover all of these costs which can end up costing tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.


Rising Assistant Yanni Huffnagel

Today’s college coaches have more demands than ever before. Beyond simply coaching, head coachers are responsible for year round recruiting, graduating players and managing a program. Combine this with the pressure to win and you have a tough year round profession. Yanni Huffnagel has shown they he has what it takes to survive in such a profession. With a strong resume, Huffnagel is destined to become one of the games future leaders.


Yanni Huffnagel was raised in New York. It was there that he gained his love for the sport of basketball. Unable to make his high school team, he put his focus on commentating and eventually focused on coaching. His first real opportunity came as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma University. It was during this time Yanni’s ability to relate to players began to shine. He was instrumental in the development of current NBA star Blake Griffin.


After Oklahoma Huffnagel would move on to other programs where he would continue to showcase his ability. Huffnagel worked beside Tommy Amaker, former Duke star, at Harvard University. Yanni would continue to showcase his abilities at Harvard. He had a major role in recruiting and developing future professional players in Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Huffnagel’s work even began receiving praise from notable names around college basketball. These praises came from people like ESPN’s Seth Greenburg and Duke’s Jeff Capel.


After Harvard, Huffnagel would have a couple of other notable stops. He would work with Kevin Stallings at Vanderbilt University and with Cuonzo Martin at California University. At both stops he continued to excel as a recruiter, assistant coach and player developer. Today Huffnagel sits as one of the top assistants in college basketball. His resume has almost guaranteed that he will soon get an opportunity to lead a team as a head coach. Expect to hear much more from him in the near future.


Money Market Fund: Ensuring A Smooth Flow of Money

In a world marked by free market and politics of international economic relation, money market funds play a pivotal role in maintaining a smooth flow of money in the market. Money market fund is one of the types of money market mutual fund. Money market fund is an ancillary part of the overall Securities department, and supplies money for meeting immediate debt securities. Money market funds invest in areas like US Treasury bills and marketable paper. In the US market, money market fund is considered a reliable option like banks and it is thought to provide safe services. Like in every country, money market funds in the US are also institutionalized and are regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission, which draws its legitimacy from the Investment Company Act of 1940. The chief purpose of a money market fund is to ensure liquidity in the market in order to keep the market run smoothly.


In the United States, there are several kinds of money market funds. These different hues of funds are generally categorized into Prime money fund, Treasury money fund, Tax-exempt money fund, institutional money fund, and retail money fund. These money market funds become more important in times of an economic meltdown such as the US financial crisis in 2008. In the times of financial crisis, the market runs out of money, and in these crises, money market funds release commercial papers in order to liquidate the market. In this way, these funds provide debt security in the market.


A widely known name in the financial sector of the U.S. is Bruce Bent II. He is an exceptionally successful businessman and investor. His father was the founder of the first monet market fund, so Bent II fully understands zero risk and the financial world. Growing up he learned a lot from his father. Eventually he went to Northeastern University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree.


Bruce Bent has a rich and successful career in financial management. He currently works for Double Rock Corporation where he is the Vice Chairman of the board and the president. His innovating and creative cash-related solutions has help many financial companies.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Why You Should Use The Wonderful Program of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the best forms of communications for individuals who are currently confined in correctional facilities and their visitors. It’s highly recommended for both inmates and their visitors to utilize is as their form of communication because it is convenient and offers flexibility of appointment scheduling. There is a vast array of reasons why Securus Technologies is a preferred choice of communications, and here we will list a few.


Securus Technologies is offering visitors with a form of convenience in which they’re not required to physically visit a correctional facility when wanting to speak to an inmate. Instead, they can simply utilize the Securus Technologies videoconferencing platform and contact the inmate from the comfort of their very own home.


Securus Technologies is providing law enforcement officials with a benefit that wasn’t necessarily ever available to them before. They can monitor the video-conference sessions that occur between inmates and their visitors to potentially use them for investigative proceedings if criminal matters are spoken about.

This is why individuals are encourage to stay away from matters of crime, as they can hinder one’s good standing. This is particularly true if one of the parties who speaks about criminal matters is a visitor. If criminal matters are being discussed by an inmate, not only could the inmate’s time in confinement increase, but the visitor(s) could also be punishable under law. Securus Technologies is essentially a program that allows people to use it for their own beneficial purposes while simultaneously keeping things in order, as law enforcement officials have access to the conversation sessions. You may find it to be a program that is extremely beneficial, as it enables you to keep in touch with a friend, colleague, significant other, relative, or co-worker. Be sure to speak to a customer service representative to begin using this terrifically designed program today!