Wrapping Made Easy


When it comes to wrapping gifts for the holidays, there are a few hacks that you can keep in mind to make the job a bit easier and a little more fun in the process. If you have a gift that is an odd shape or that comes in a bag, then put that gift in a cereal box or another box that is easy to wrap. Fold a paper cup in half after cutting the very top off the cup. Add some colorful Washi tape to the top edge. Put your small gift inside, and hole punch one corner to add a gift tag.


Make a present look like it’s been mailed by wrapping it in brown paper and decorating the edges with red and green slanted rectangles. Wengie  suggests You can also add a stamp or two in the corner along with a return address from the North Pole. Use scrap fabric as gift wrap. Place the gift in the center of the fabric so that the fabric looks like a diamond, making it easy to pull the edges up and tie them with a ribbon. Create your own gift wrapping designs with a potato and an ink pad. Cut the potato in fun holiday shapes. Add paint on the smooth side of the potato slice, and stamp the potato on a plain piece of gift wrap. You can make anything from Christmas trees to snowmen on your wrapping paper for a fun and unique look that will likely be enjoyed by the recipient.

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