The Greyhound Experience of Doug Levitt: A Journey of Introspection

Doug Levitt is an American singer and songwriter who has become popularized as a result of his successful release: The Greyhound Diaries; this project incorporates the travels and stipulation of Levitt’s journey, as he travels over 100,000 miles via bus, meeting a variety of different people from various areas. Levitt made the bold decision to pack up and explore the United States, traveling for over seven years by switching buses. Through these travels, a 2007 EP, book and website are presented; this media content displays a comprehensive landscape that explored by Levitt, as he learned that we are able to share commonalities between people, even though there is a geological gap.

Levitt encourages those viewing his content to be open-minded and allow them to become immersed within other regions, and realize the inherent beauty in individuality and understand that common ideas can be found across groups of people. The Greyhound Diaries is a beautiful display of culture and philosophy. This collection of stories and songs, accompanied by pictures, presents the diverse group of people that travel primarily by bus; traveling by bus is one of the most economical ways to travel. The people that use this method of transportation generally do not travel by this means unless it is absolutely essential. Traveling has always been a subject of wonder, and hopefully when you view The Greyhound Stories, you will learn a valuable lesson on the importance of respect towards those of different backgrounds. Everyone has a subjective reality in which they interpret the world and experience its wonders and mysteries. Doug Levitt went on this journey to learn about himself, the world around him, and how individuals of different backgrounds may share common experiences with you, even if they are of a separate class, race, or gender.


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