Partnership of Startup Factory and Fusion

Mike Baur is a citizen of Switzerland. Mike was firmly connected to his country. Mike was fascinated with banking and finance services in his teenage. He, therefore, worked hard towards achieving his goals of being in the banking sector. It took him 29 years to work in Swiss a private bank. He graduated to the commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive board member in the same private bank. At 39 years Mike started the journey of private enterprise. He came up with the Swiss Startup factory that was independent and privately financed by ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike invests most of his time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports Swiss startups financially.

StartSup factory

Mike Baur a former Clariden, a Salford banker, founded the startup company. His primary intention was to help the young entrepreneurs in digital technologies. Startup Factory partnered with Geneva-based Fintech accelerator fusion. The two companies are creating a healthy relationship between the French and the German parts. The two companies accelerate each other well, and they work together to achieve the goals. The co-founder of Startup Factory emphasizes on their collaboration as the strength of the company. The partnership of the two companies is the first to excel and barriers as mentioned earlier by joining accelerators from different regions.

About Fusion

Fusion started in 2015. It was a global firm for financial services. The primary aim of the operation was to be a world-class firm with a reputation for innovation. It was also to fuse Switzerland with the highest Fintech talent. The members and mentors of fusion came from various financial services like banks, insurance, etc. The company has sponsorship from engineering research firms.

About Swiss startup factory

Swiss Startup Company was founded in 2014. SSUF is located in Zurich and it searches for digital entrepreneurs in the market. The firm runs a three-month program that offers different services like coaching mentoring, financing, etc. Swiss startup factory also provides the vast entrepreneurial network. The winter collection of the company began on January 18th and ended on 26th of April. The partnership of the two has led to their growth because of shared responsibilities.

Susan McGalla: A Top Businesswoman in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla has made great progress in the corporate world. She has illustrated a high level of performance as a business woman, and her accolades speak for itself. She talks about what it takes to rise up the ladder and to maintain one’s position. She mentioned that confidence, passion, and versatility are inevitable traits in order to gain pleasing results in life. Susan McGalla also knows that each individual must identify their powerful and potential traits to go from ordinary to extraordinary. Having said this, she realized that she is endowed with greatness in which it’s up to her to unlock the chest containing the priceless commodity.

With being the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC which is located in Pittsburgh, she also provides services for The Pittsburgh Steelers as the Strategic Planning and Growth Director. Susan McGalla’s extensive expertise derived from the clothing and retail sectors that attained significant ground in the finance sector that needed insight in dealing with branding, product merchandising, talent management, marketing, and others. Her career began when she worked for Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994. Afterwards, Susan McGalla worked at the American Eagle Outfitters in which she earned the position as being the CMO and president for the company’s American Eagle brand. Then she became the Chief Merchandising Officer for the whole organization. Sometime later she left on her own, and Susan McGalla became a private consultant for the industry of retail and financial investment. However, upon Wet Seal pleading for her to be the Chief Executive Officer for American Eagle Outfitters, she became their CEO in January 2011. And lastly, she left later on to become a consulting expert.

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Many women have earned the top echelon of their careers of various fields imaginable. Nevertheless, there are still a significant amount of women who are blinded on what practical measures should be taken to become successful. And even though the no-women zone, inequality, and unequal pay are hardly in existence as they once were, many women are still struggling and don’t know what to do to achieve their goals. However, they can look at women like Susan McGalla who are great leaders and role models as guidelines for themselves.

I Started Using Laidlaw & Company Instead Of Large Bank

I got tired of working with large banks on investment because everything is so impersonal. I call and talk to a different person every time, and they all give me the same answers. My investments looked generic, and I was making no money at all. I found Laidlaw & Company when I read about James Ahern, and I even had the privilege of talking to him on the phone. He immediately welcomed me to the Laidlaw & Company family, and I started working with just one broker who is managing my account. The boutique style of the company is nice to behold, and I get a lot more customer service as a result.

Laidlaw & Company is the best place for me because I finally feel like I am more than just an account number. I am on a first name basis with my broker, and some of the other people in the office know me, too. Everyone who wants to make sure that they can make more money should try Matthew Eitner with Laidlaw & Company, and you will be presented with a lot of options that you would never have picked on your own. There is no way in the world that you could find all these investment options on your own, but you will be happy that your broker at Laidlaw & Company helped you.

I have been working with them for months, and I am really happy with what I see. I know that I will have a lot of help from the people in their offices, and I can keep splitting up my money until I have a massive nest egg to work with. I am tired of large banks that do not value my business. I am sticking with Laidlaw & Company because they totally understand me as an investor.

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Bob Reina: Making Dreams Come True


How many times in your life have you felt misunderstood? You have talked and talked and talked about having a dream and wanting to make it a reality. However, it just doesn’t work out for you for whatever reason. You might come up with excuses or you might be scared to leave your safe job. You know it comes with benefits, good pay, and it takes care of things that need to be taken care of as far as bills and groceries. However, it leaves you feeling unfilled and feeling like every day is worst than the next. That is a horrible feeling and a feeling I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. That is where Bob Reina comes in, as he has created Talk Fusion.

For those unfamiliar with Talk Fusion, it is a product that is all about our digital age today. Just about everyone has a smart phone with Internet access and more and more places have Wi-Fi. This allows you to run your business on the go and have your dream job. Instead of talking about it, you are actually doing it. That is what Bob Reina had in mind when he created this product. He wanted to create something that would excite people and make their dreams come true.

If you want to video email someone, Talk Fusion has that. You can show off your personality and you can promote your product to the fullest. Words are great and they can say a lot and mean a lot. However, they can only go so far. Sometimes you need to be seen on video and they need to see the passion in your eyes and hear it in your voice. They need to know how much this means to you and how you will do anything and everything to get your business off the ground.

They also offer video conferences. Perhaps you have to pitch a big idea to a room full of people. That can happen with Talk Fusion. They cater this product to your needs and your company. It is all about making things easier and allowing your company to grow in ways you never thought possible.

Madison Street Capital Dedicates Expertise To Middle-Markets Organizations

Madison street capital is one of the world’s opening middle market investment banking organization because of its group of specialist who have outstanding information, experience and wide affiliation. Recently in 2015, National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) acknowledged the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala, as part of its 40 Under Forty recognition program. The organization have faith in building solid businesses within communities in the United States.


It is a top benefactor of business investment and mergers and acquisitions advisory. Capital’s specialists have the skills to position the suitable financing and capitalization structures to fit each customer’s need. The firm provides various finance services to its customers which include; restructuring services, middle market investment banking, mergers and advisory services for hedge funds, business variation services, business advisory services, financial opinion services and they also buy side and sell side services for private equity.


The firm has dedicated expertise in affiliating with middle-markets organizations in several industries verticals and positioned markets in order to attain the best potential outcome through diversity transactions. The firm scrutinizes each customer’s specific need so as to get the best counterpart between the buyers and the sellers, position suitable financing and generate capitalization structures that improves the customer’s prospective. It also provides customers with goods like; automotive products, tires and rubbers, and auto parts and accessories. Madison Street Capital is the customers trusted partners where all the customer’s needs will be met and makes sure they have made a different within local and global communities. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital believes in building strong businesses within communities all over the United States. Through dedicating to the needs of its clients and charitable support to organizations like the United States, Madison Street Capital works diligently to make a difference locally and globally.


Anthony Marsala is the co-founder and the CEO of Madison Street Capital. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois in the United States and was founded in 2005. He is involved in managing the company’s international presence in Asia, Europe and Africa. He also runs the firm’s due diligence and investigative teams which runs all businesses valuation work for the company’s finance and mergers and advisory customers.