Jeffry Schneider – CEO, Philanthropist, and Explorer

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC, one of the fastest growing companies in the financial structuring industry. He is also a philanthropist and explorer, and many who know him describe him as a warm person. Here is a brief review of the persona behind the name.

Jeffry Schneider the Philanthropist and Explorer

Jeffry Schneider is a firm believer in communal responsibility toward people’s wellbeing. To this end, he is involved in several charitable organizations including the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children, and Wonders and Worries.

He is also an adventurous explorer with a passion for healthy living. He enjoys eating healthy food, exercising, and socializing. In fact, he has been a participant of several marathons, half iron-mans, and iron man. He also tours the world whenever given the opportunity; he has traveled across Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa.

Jeffry Schneider the CEO

Jeffry Schneider is best known for his capacity as the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC. The company is one of the fastest growing companies in the financial structuring industry offering services such as education, marketing, operational services, and sales. In the past, Schneider worked in several high-profile capacities for several firms including Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management.

Ascendant Capital, LLC has grown impressively under Jeffry Schneider’s leadership over the last five years. It has raised over $1 billion to date, and it plans to raise over $50 million every month this year. It has also employed over 30 employees from an initial two employees.

The company’s client base has also expanded incredibly over the years. It works with numerous family offices, more than 250 investment advisors, and over 50 broker-dealers. Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments are the way to go considering the volatility of the market. To this end, Ascendant Capital, LLC purchases a wide range of assets including real estate, auto dealerships, and tech companies among others.

According to Jeffry Schneider, it is the culture of trust and open dialogue that is behind his company’s fast growth. What’s more, he is optimistic that the growth momentum will grow as its capital and client base expands.

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The Greyhound Experience of Doug Levitt: A Journey of Introspection

Doug Levitt is an American singer and songwriter who has become popularized as a result of his successful release: The Greyhound Diaries; this project incorporates the travels and stipulation of Levitt’s journey, as he travels over 100,000 miles via bus, meeting a variety of different people from various areas. Levitt made the bold decision to pack up and explore the United States, traveling for over seven years by switching buses. Through these travels, a 2007 EP, book and website are presented; this media content displays a comprehensive landscape that explored by Levitt, as he learned that we are able to share commonalities between people, even though there is a geological gap.

Levitt encourages those viewing his content to be open-minded and allow them to become immersed within other regions, and realize the inherent beauty in individuality and understand that common ideas can be found across groups of people. The Greyhound Diaries is a beautiful display of culture and philosophy. This collection of stories and songs, accompanied by pictures, presents the diverse group of people that travel primarily by bus; traveling by bus is one of the most economical ways to travel. The people that use this method of transportation generally do not travel by this means unless it is absolutely essential. Traveling has always been a subject of wonder, and hopefully when you view The Greyhound Stories, you will learn a valuable lesson on the importance of respect towards those of different backgrounds. Everyone has a subjective reality in which they interpret the world and experience its wonders and mysteries. Doug Levitt went on this journey to learn about himself, the world around him, and how individuals of different backgrounds may share common experiences with you, even if they are of a separate class, race, or gender.


Bruce Levenson Gets New Front Runners in Bidding Process

Selling the Atlanta Hawks has been a long process for UCG chairperson Bruce Levenson. Two front-runners have revealed themselves as the potential owners for the franchise. This process to sell the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena has went on for almost 7 months at that point.

The deadline for placing the final bids for ownership was April 10. One of the groups is headed by the owner of the Grizzlies, joined by Erick Thohir and Handy Poernomo. The former CEO of the Grizzlies has also joined the group. Another name associated with the group is Hank Aaron of the Braves.

The other group that is taking the lead is Mark Rachesky, who runs Lionsgate Entertainment, Steve Starker, a Banker of New York Investment, Hawks consulter, Jesse Itzler who attends a lot of the games played by the Atlanta Hawks. He has a spouse who is the founder of Spanx. Her name is Sara Blakely.

The group that is handling the sales process is Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs. In Atlanta, they have held meetings after the Feb 24 bids. One group has dropped out of running for lacking a contract.

The process could have been drawn out until June. However, a final bid was made and the Hawks were sold for more than $700 million, according to Forbes. As a result, a large profit has been made of the team for Bruce Levenson. Also, the large price that they were able to sell for indicates that they are a strong team and that the NBA economy is going strong as well. Many are amazed at the amount of time that it has taken in order to take care of the business of selling the team. However, after the fact, they are under the new ownership that is sure to continue to support the team as they carry on their efforts.

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A Preview Into The Contribution Of Rick Shinto Towards Building InnovaCare Health

Businesses that are based in the healthcare industry have to comply with many rules and regulations for them to succeed. There is also the feedback that is sent by the market, and this seems by far one of the most critical things that one has to consider while managing a company or running an entity that deals with healthcare services and products. If the services are accepted and given a good rating, the company will grow seamlessly and within a shorter time. However, if the ratings are not as strong as anticipated, the company is bound to experience challenges while managing its development.

InnovaCare Health has proved to offer quality products that are developed with the need to provide unique and high quality access across all levels. It is through these products that the company has been able to overcome the different challenges it comes across very often. InnovaCare Health began implementing a change of schedule of operation in 2012 and has over the years managed to install new and effective measures that made it easy to deal with the complexities that are presented by users of different services.

Rick Shinto

To implement the massive changes InnovaCare Health enjoys today, the company sought the support of Rick Shinto, who was given a chance to lead the company as the CEO and President. Rick Shinto is a highly knowledgeable professional who traces his professional career back to more than 20 years. In this span, he worked with several companies and agencies, which helped him to build himself as a trusted and experienced professional in the healthcare industry. One of the companies he served is Aveta Inc, between 2008 and 2012, where he was placed as their CEO and President in that period. He received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, who has served at InnovaCare Health as chief administrator for several years, is a professional who also helped to bring change to the company. She boasts of over 20 years of experience and her skills as a clinical professional helped in the design of the service delivery system to include better processes.

InnovaCare Health

Established as a basic facility to offer simple healthcare services, InnovaCare Health has grown to become one of the best providers of physician practice services across North America. It runs a system that deals with Medicare Advantage and other complex managed healthcare services, which are offered through a highly developed delivery system.


John Goullet is a celebrated entrepreneur and innovator in the technology industry. After graduating from Ursinus College, John began his professional life as a Computer Consultant, after which he became IT staffing account executive. John Goullet has served various companies some of which include Constell Group, Tsr Consultants and Computer Sciences Corp. From the experience he had gained and passion developed in the field, John founded his own tech industry- Info Technologies, Inc in 1994. Info Technology was a staffing company that aimed at providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. In an interview with IdeaMensch, John says he got interested in the IT industry after realizing that it had low-barriers-to-entry and he had seen many others succeed.



With John serving as its Chief Executive Officer, the company’s strategy was to understand the assorted needs of their clients and try to match those needs in a unique, unmatched and cost efficient way. In addition, Info Technologies was also committed to keeping up with market trends in the IT staffing industry. With these strategies in place, the company had grown to $30 M in their first 5years of business. This is not all; Info Technologies was ranked among top 10 on the Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing private firms in the United States.



In 2010, Info Technologies went into a merger agreement with DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC. Like Info Technologies, DIVERSANT LLC was set to provide a variety of IT staffing solutions. In addition, this time the new company would also offer other products including IT staffing with innovative diversity, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hires among others. As the Principle, John Goullet’s objective is to provide distinctive, outstanding policies to fulfill its client needs as well as those of other stakeholders. The company tries to meet those needs by using innovative ways and also involving their clientele in coming up with solutions. DIVERSANT makes use of the apposite recruitment policies so as to obtain the best candidates who can meet the different IT needs of the firms. It then matches these candidates with the client companies, and ensures that long-lasting relationships are maintained.


Eric Lefkofsky:Serial Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is a very prolific American entrepreneur. He began creating businesses while a student at the University of Michigan in the late 1990s and has not stopped. Along the way he has created several very profitable companies and ones that have created technology that improves the lives of many people. His work has turned him into a multimillionaire, but he has used his wealth to help as many people as possible through his family foundation. And Lefkofsky has also joined The Giving Pledge and promises to give his vast wealth to charity.


Born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky’s father is a structural engineer and his mother is a school teacher. As a student the University of Michigan Lefkofsky developed an interest in business. He started a carpet company on campus and when he completed his juris doctor at the law school at the University of Michigan in 1993 he and Brad Keywell and purchased Brandon Apparel, a Madison, Wisconsin-based apparel company. It was the first of many companies the duo would work together on. Within a few years they co-founded companies in a wide range of industries.


One of the first companies he cofounded was Starbelly, an early internet company specializing in promotional products. Some of the other companies he co-founded included print procurement company InnerWorkings, freight logistics company Echo Global Logistics and media-buying technology company MediaBank, which merged with Donavan Data Systems in a $1.5 billion deal to form Mediaocean. He also started LightBank, a venture capital firm based in Chicago and in 2014 he co-founded the analytics company Uptake. One of the best known companies Lefkofsky stated was the online collective action website which later changed its name to Groupon. In 2010 Forbes reported that Groupon was the fastest growing company ever created.

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Another of Lefkofsky’s better known companies is the technology company Tempus., started in 2016, produces technologies which help physicians to provide cancer patients with personalized cancer care. Eric Lefkofsy also spends his time teaching business classes and helping support more than 50 scientific, charitable and educational causes and organizations worldwide.  Visit

Ricardo Tosto: The Importance Of Business Contracts

The business environment contains arrangements between establishments and people. Although oral contracts could be used, most organizations use formal written contracts when participating in undertakings.

A good business lawyer will be able to help you with all issues regarding contracts. A knowledgeable lawyer will take the time to answer questions and advise you on how to proceed with your business contracts.

A good business lawyer will be able to help you with all issues regarding contracts. A knowledgeable lawyer will take the time to answer questions and advise you on how to proceed with your business contracts.

Written agreements provide people and business organizations with a legal document describing the expectations of both parties and how conflicts situations will be addressed. Agreements also are legally enforceable in a court of law. Contracts often represent a tool that firms use to safeguard their resources, and are absolutely essential in the beginning stages of your business venture.

Conduct a background check on any lawyer you’re considering. Find out about the lawyer’s credentials and experience in the industry. You need to ascertain the lawyer has the knowledge to deliver the business litigation service you need. Proper research will help you determine whether the legal representative is right for you.

After getting access to names and contact details of a few potential attorneys, you will need to set up a preliminary consultation to go over your case. During the consultation you will be able to listen to the lawyer respond to your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Ricardo Tosto has extensive skill in organization litigation. Ricardo Tosto has been actively practicing corporate and business litigation and taking care of business dispute issues for more than 22 years and since that time, has established a dynamic knowledge and creative approaches to assuredly address nearly any organization law issue you might be experiencing.

As an experienced business and corporate attorney, Ricardo Tosto is well prepared to address all aspects of business legal matters, including drawing up contracts and complex issues like corporate disputes and shareholder issues. Mr Ricardo Tosto has excellent negotiation and researching skills. He constantly makes every effort to upgrade his legal skills and knowledge and has the expertise to manage any issues that affect legal aspects of a business.

Fabletics Secret to Success

Fabletics is a sportswear line for women. It was started in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Fabletics has been able to register massive success since its inception. It has become a household name for all women. The company also launched a sportswear line for men referred to as FL2. Fabletics now offers dresses and swimsuits to its customers. It has been able to get a lot of press exposure due to the advertising tactics that Fabletics uses. Fabletics has been able to increase its revenue by 35% each year according to Forbes. Fabletics uses pop-up stores so as to increase membership.


Some of the advertising methods used by Fabletics include the use of footage that Kate Hudson shot using her phone and targeting their competitor Lululemon. Fabletics is committed to offering clothes of the highest quality and the current trends to its clients. Their primary aim is to make their customers look stylish while working out. Fabletics offers its customers an option to sign up as members and VIP members. This enables them to choose clothes based on the workout of the client and lifestyle preferences. Fabletics ensures that they get maximum comfort and satisfaction regardless of their size and shape of a customer. A person is required to fill a survey that highlights their lifestyle preferences and workout upon registration as a member of Fabletics. Clothes are chosen for each member basing on their preferences at the beginning of every month. The company has been able to open more than 16 brick and mortar retail stores.


Fabletics is currently taking over Amazon in the fashion e-commerce market according to an article published by Forbes. Amazon controls nearly 20% percent on the online fashion market, and Fabletics is giving them a run for their money. Fabletics has grown to a revenue of $250 million in three years. It continues to grow every single year. The subscription mechanism employed by Fabletics has played a huge role in the success of the company. It is known that customers prefer brands that are aspirational. Fabletics has combined this with the membership mechanism to win their customers.


The shift in economics has led high-value brands to be defined by things such as gamification elements, customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design, and last-mile service compared with the past where price and quality of products and services defined high-value brands. Fabletics compare its strategy and positioning to that of Warby Parker and Apple. They say that it has proven useful since they will soon be opening more physical stores.They currently have stores in California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida.


Gregg Throgmartin is the General Manager of Fabletics. He says that the company’s secret to success lies in the creation of a modern and re-imagined version of the high-value brand. He adds that the firm’s membership model has allowed them to provide their customers with service that is personalized and the latest fashion at half the price of their competitors. He concludes by saying that making your customers happy is very easy when you understand them and what they prefer.

How Madison Street Capital Chipped In To Revive ARES Security

Financial advisory services are a vital part of running a business and allow for better decision making among entities. There are many businesses that are structured to offer support to other businesses so as to manage financial services more seamlessly. One of these companies is Madison Street, which has been dealing with a wide range of services beginning with financial advisory to analyses and dealing with tax problems. ARES Security is among companies that have benefitted from the support of Madison Street and in the partnership the two processed in 2016, ARES was able to come up with solutions that are now running ARES towards the attainment of its goals.


Through the activities of the two companies, ARES Security was able to come up with a better way of dealing with financial and tax problems. Most importantly, Madison Street connected the company with an idea financial partner that has allowed for better performance and management. ARES has been celebrating the great support they received from Madison Street and the two companies are looking to extend the relationship in the near future. Having achieved its goals through the support of Madison Street, ARES Security is now preparing to get into another partnership that will see the two make better steps towards enhancing growth.


Madison Street Capital

Madison Street has been serving businesses in different specialties by offering them the tools and ideas needed for them to succeed and improve their performance. The company works with investment bankers, who come up with ideas and strategies for dealing with the many problems businesses in the financial world encounter. One of the services the company offers is financial advisory and tax planning, which have been a vital part of running businesses to achieve their goals.


Most importantly, Madison Street offers services to enable mergers and acquisitions. With professionals who have been working on problems in this field for decades, the company has been able to offer different companies advisory services that have targeted improving performance and offering better ways of dealing with problems. Madison Street is among financial advisory firms that have been working with clients from around the globe and with the good reputation the company has earned, it has been easy offering services to different businesses based in different parts of the world through their international offices. It is currently offering a wide range of services including exit planning and offering strategies for business expansion and development.


Check out Madison Street Capital on Facebook for updates.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Experiences Incredible Growth

It’s common knowledge that 1 in 3 businesses will fail, and major startups are no exception. Baby Boomster revealed that that a bottled water company called Waiakea Water founded by a recent college graduate in 2012 is now worth $10 million is nothing short of incredible. The company has been able to penetrate the competitive bottled water industry by positioning itself at the luxury end of the spectrum and by appealing to the health-conscious and philanthropic values of today’s consumers.

Founder Ryan Emmons had the goal of founding a new bottled water company that would market the alkaline water from one of the purest sources on earth, Waiakea Springs, located in Hawaii. The key to his success has been astute branding with the company launched on a platform of sustainability, social responsibility, and health.

According to PR News Wire, Waiakea water has used profits to provide millions of liters of drinking water to water-insecure places Africa. In addition, the brand’s water production is certified as “Carbon Neutral” and uses recycled materials to produce packaging. This commitment to philanthropy has helped the startup achieve unbelievable levels of growth at an annual average rate of 170%. Waiakea Water is already available at luxury retailers such as Wawa and Whole Foods and is even being retailed at international locations.

The source of the water is the top of the Mauna Loa volcano, which is surrounded by millions in ocean-front real estate. The water comes from snow and rain that falls on the Mauna Loa’s snow-capped peak.

According to Emmons, it was not easy to break into the competitive industry. In a Forbes interview, the entrepreneur recounted that most executives in the sector are baby-boomers and generation-Xers, and that millennials have trouble fitting into that world. In general, it isn’t an industry that’s open to change or that welcomes newcomers, and this made Emmons’ success no small feat.

This is why Emmons and Waiakea water went for the higher-end of the sector. However, part of Emmons vision has been to change all that, and to bring the industry in line with the values of a new generation. Thanks to his perseverance, the bottled water industry will never be the same again.