Jonathan Veitch and Occidental college: A Perfect Pairing

Those looking for a thorough education in the liberal arts and sciences should look no further than Occidental College. The success of this university comes as little surprise due to the astounding leadership of the staff, led by school president, Jonathan Veitch.

Occidental College, or Oxy, is one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the nation.
Located near Los Angeles, this college puts the students in charge of their future careers. With over thirty majors to choose from as well as a research program that is widely accepted as one of the nation’s finest, it is no secret why the school has attracted over two-thousand students from over forty states.

The leadership team works closely together to ensure that Oxy stays in the lead when it comes to the liberal arts. A team is only as strong as its leader, and that leader is President Jonathan Veitch.

Jonathan Veitch became president of the college back in 2009 when he took over the position from former president, Robert Skotheim. Mr. Veitch comes from a great educational background, having attended Loyala High School before receiving his bachelors degree from Stanford University. He went on to obtain his doctoral degree from Harvard University with a focus on the History of American Civilization.

Before arriving at Occidental College, Mr. Veitch spent time as a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He then went on to become the dean at The New School’s Eugene Lang College. He has used his knowledge in more ways than one, even taking time out to write the very ambitions book, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.

Upon become president at Oxy, Johnathan Veitch wasted no time springing into action. His first act was to improve the bond between the school itself and the community surrounding it by limiting an unsavory initiative to expand the school into the neighborhoods. A few years later he had a one megawatt solar array installed to provide safe and clean energy for the campus.

Mr. Veitch has also been integral in several different civic-minded initiatives through the college. Oxy prides itself on its fundraising and charity services by funding the community financially on an annual basis.

Jonathan Veitch has an eye on success, both for the college as well as in his personal endeavors. He wants the school to be a place for students of all walks of life, and with much to offer, this president is just getting started.

US Refinery Strike Widens to Include Nation’s Largest Refinery

The US refinery strike has gotten even worse for American investors, as the nation’s largest refinery has joined in on then strike, according to the United Steelworkers union. Shortly after talks between the company, and union reps ended on Friday, the union notified Motiva Enterprises of a strike at the company’s refinery in Port Arthur, Texas.

The union is on strike over safety issues that they say Motiva is failing to address. Also calling out the industry at large, leaving them with no choice but to begin a full scale strike.

Although it remains to be seen how this could impact oil in the United States, now that the price has just begun to grow again, this could prove to be a volatile piece of the puzzle that American investors really didn’t want to see, before jumping back in.

Rocket Fuel Stock is a Dud as Investors Run

Rocket Fuel (FUEL) was a juggernaut only a year ago. Seeing a 125% increase in profits that saw investors coming in droves to buy a piece of the advertising giant. However, after the company missed fourth quarter earnings projections, investors can’t run fast enough.

The stock price has fallen 27% in the 24 hours since the announcement was made. Something that is not a great sign for the company, obviously. The stock is down overall by 33%, year to date.

Analysts don’t have a great view for the future either, as predictions indicate the company will only see earnings grow at a rate of 40%, which is not good enough considering they are still operating at a loss.

That makes Rocket Fuel little more than a dud, and an investment that is best left avoided for now. Until the company can stabilize in the future.

Fed Rate Hike Held Off Until September

A JP Morgan analyst, Jeff Greenberg, believes a Fed rate hike is on the horizon for September. After The Fed recently announced their plan to continue with the current interest rates, JP Morgan’s senior economist predicted that this will probably only be able to continue until around September of this year.

But at that point, it’s predicted that The Fed will ease in the rate hike, so that it’s barely noticeable for long term loans, and more easily introduced to shorter term interest rates.

Of course, there’s no hurry, as the risk of inflation this time around isn’t all that high. Considering the US’ stable inflation rate, and the falling inflation percentages abroad, The Fed has little to worry about, from the associated risk in causing an inflation spike when keeping rates low.

JP Morgan’s senior economist states that this is probably the best course of action, considering the American economy is now firing on all cylinders.

Manufacturing is improving, retail sales are growing, and the labor force continues to grow. Raising the rates could impact all negatively, which is why The Fed has opted to keep the rates at their current level for an extended period.

One can only hope that they give this enough time for the economy to make a true recovery, and build up strong enough so that we can support higher rates, without introducing a risk of inflation that would also put labor at risk.